Monday, October 10, 2011

Caravans To Mexico

An interesting topic header but not really what it sounds like.  On several forums in the past couple of months, many people have shown great interest in coming down to Mexico this year via rv.    I've seen mention of the word "caravan" loosely stated; looking for someone or a small group to buddy up with to get to their destination.

I sent someone a message who I thought would understand what I had intended to say but was lightly brushed over the coals with the first statement being, "Do you do caravans?"  I was a bit put off by that but I guess my past continues to haunt me. 

My intention was that many people who are interested have two things in common.  1) we are all rvers 2) a desire to travel to Mexico.  However, it doesn't appear that the term "camaraderie" is the third thing in common.  I wasn't thinking of a formal caravan of 25 rigs, but a couple of people who would feel more comfortable crossing the border together and traveling for a couple of days until they would reach a break off point or their destination.

This would be an ideal situation for those that are newbies or those that still have some fears of traveling in Mexico.  I can understand concerns especially when most travelers don't speak the language and could possibly be intimidated by some crooked transit policeman or other shady characters that really aren't a good representation of Mexico.  In the end, my intentions were good but I felt shot down from the start.  BTW, it is not my idea to start a caravan service.   Most of the Mexico rvers have a better understanding of import permits for one as we are Mexican rvers and those permits don't apply to us. 

I will have to say that it was a dream at one time to provide that service from the border to Saltillo, for example.  It would have been fun to give a brief orientation in Laredo or McAllen, check papers, help people with permits and Spanish translation and then spend a day of highway scenery and a dinner in Saltillo before seeing them off the next day.

On another topic, the remodeling is going well.   The living are was divided and a third bedroom or studio was created.  It had no real effect on the  living area as I thought it might.   I am also a bit on the down and out, I have the beginnings of what feels like a cold, but it could be molds.   The dampness of the last two weeks, plaster curing on the walls and the rains that came yesteday have me sneezing up a storm, a slight headache, and a stopped up nose.   Thanks to Linus Pauling, I have stuck to my mega dose of Vitamin C for 35 years and I feel it will not get the best of me.  

As luck would have it and in my favor, Monday is San Lunes, a day of each week in which most construction workers call in sick.  Well, they did.  Ha ha.  I stayed close to the internet and the bedroom today.


  1. Don't get me started on caravans! But I know what you mean. Three or four years ago a nice couple we met on the road in MX asked if we could travel together heading north to the border. I did not really want to but could not think of a way to get out of it without seeming rude.

    As I mentioned, it was "awkward". Our meal habits were not the same and by the time we stopped for lunch, she had already made their lunch in the bumping and swaying motorhome kitchen so they parked and waited while we ate in a restaurant much quicker than we wanted. We also passed a couple of places where we normally would have stopped but knowing they were in a bigger hurry that us, kept going.

    We finally parted when we decided we wanted to stop for a couple of days in Matehuala so we could explore Real de Catorce and they were anxious to get home.

    Like I say, it was just awkward. Everyone has different speeds, meal times and interests. These are great people and we still email each other. We will probably meet up with them again but traveling together... probably not.

  2. Yes I know how it feels when your best of intentions are misunderstood.

    We too tried to help a couple get back to the border ONCE! As Croft said they were out of step with us until we lost them in traffic. We waited nearly an hour, gave up and moved on. Found out later they decided to stop for lunch. Now we try to verbally help and that is about it.

    rocmoc n AZ

  3. I have to agree with both of the comments. It seems that no matter how much you give to help others you still get run over and over and over. Despite knowing better we took in 5 RV's last winter. No one followed the ground rules, it was a headache for us. Won;t do it again but at least this bunch is still travelling into Mexico.