Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Made It To Guadalcázar


Had a good drive today.  It took forever to get through Monterrey.  We left the house at 7:15 and got to Saltillo around 9:45.  From then on it was smooth sailing.   The roads are very good and the weather was in our favor.  The temps in Coahuila and SLP were around 15C.  

We arrived to Guadalcázar at 2:30.  We parked at the first plaza and walked a block to the presidencia.  We asked to speak to the chief of police to ask permission to park there.  First a woman said it would be no problem and that we could park in front of her brother's house.   We asked if she was going to let him know and she said it was no problem, just go there and set up.  She said it was very safe here and they have no crime.  We found the police and he said we could park anywhere in town we wanted. 

You can walk the town in 15 minutes, we went to the park, the church and the cemetery.   Tomorrow I'll get up early and get some exercise before we head out to Morelia.  No Movistar service here so we are in an internet cafe and it is super slow.

More tomorrow when we arrive to Morelia. 

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