Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lost Our Spot In Morelia

I thought we were set.  I had been in touch with the convention bureau and was almost sure we had a spot for next week in Morelia.   The convention (English Teacher of Mexico) starts on Thursday and they were confirming our stay in the parking lot.   They say now they can't take us because they need 600 parking spots for another event.  I've done convention preparations before and know that in some cities the convention center charges for everything including water coolers.

Another option was a hotel two doors down but the manager backed out today.  Same reason.  All these last minute changes.   I am going to start searching on Couch Surfing.  Problem is, most people don't understand the needs of an rv and how it works in terms of moving around and backing into a space.   But it is worth a try.

I'm sure we will figure this out, not a biggie.   We are headed that way anyway and can always find a spot somewhere outside the city and attend the convention on a daily basis.

On Gadafi

He was a fool.  He could have left peacefully and with some assets.  Why they fall like this I'll never understand.  Who will fall next?

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