Monday, October 17, 2011

Did I Mention I Got A Speeding Ticket

Well I did and it happened two weeks ago on our way to an afternoon birthday party on the north side of Monterrey.   We weren't running late or anything but I am a speeder, shame on me.   It has been years since I got a speeding ticket.   We were driving through San Nicolas, one of the nine municipalities that make up the metro area.   We took a detour around a public works project.  There are about 17 taking place at the same time thanks to the damage done by Alex last year.  Good projects that are changing the face of the city and we need them, about 4 billion dollars worth. 

We take take the detour and I come plowing down the avenue.   All of a sudden a cop walks out in front of me and pulls me over.   Now the problems begin.   I stopped, shook his hand and said hello.   He asked to see my license and the tarjeta de circulacion or title I guess you would say.   Uh-oh.   We had just returned from San Antonio and when we take the trailer we leave our little VW Pointer in the driveway but I take the papers out.   Well, I left the tarjeta de circulacion on the kitchen counter.  Shame on me.   How can I prove it is my car?   "Well", says the officer, "we will have to take your car to the pound".  Juan went through the roof and I told him to let the officer do his job.  Take the car.   So he began writing the ticket and never said a word.  I finally got out to talk to him and he told me how expensive it was to get the car out of the pound not to mention the time it takes for the tow truck to come. 

I told him we weren't in any hurry and would be glad to wait.   I decided to yank a chain and asked him just how much expensive was.  He said, "oh boy, a whole lot".  I told him I guess I would have to accept my dues.  I then asked him when they opened the next day so I could pick up the car.  He went on and on and finally I asked him if I could take my belongings out of the car.   He said it was okay and we began.  I had my head in the trunk and began laughing to myself and Juan is packing things up.  I went back to the officer and he asked me to sign the ticket.  I signed and wondered how much longer before he said not to worry, just pay the speeding ticket and have a good day.

He never came out and asked for the money, but it wouldn't have taken a monkey with a turban to figure it out either.  

Today I paid up the ying yang for my speeding habit.  Had I paid it last Friday I would have received a 50% discount.  I hope they use the money wisely.

I think the clincher was when he asked me why I lived in Mexico and I responded, "it is the greatest country in the world".   I don't think he knew how to respond!


  1. Well, you have always said you do not pay!

    Did they end up towing the car?

  2. Hi Croft, no they didn't take the car, idle threats to persuade me to offer him something. Once he realized it wasn't going to happen he decided to let me go and pick on someone else :)

  3. Too funny!! Good for you for hanging in!!

  4. So how much was your ticket Chris? BTW, good for not paying the mordida (sp)!

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Just did the conversion. Forty bucks?? That's it?
    Jumpin'! That's cheap man!
    Any time there's an officer involved, it's always cost us a bundle. My wife got one in Avoca county, New York that was over $200.
    Here in Europe they send the ticket to the owner of the vehicle. We've had anywhere from €20 to €50.

    You were extreeeeemely lucky.