Monday, October 24, 2011

Just About Ready To Go

Always some good news to report.  We found two LP leaks, one outside and one in the stove.  I knew they were there but they were small and we only used gas when cooking and then shut it down.  The guy charged 100 pesos and now we are safe and sound.  Still no heat.  The furnace has a mind of its own and refuses to light on demand.  So an expert is arriving in just a few minutes to make it work.  Complicated things that make a lot of noise.  

I am testing the electric blanket tonight to see how much battery it will use or should I say how long the batteries will last.  We have a gas radiant heater but it is a PIA to hookup.  It has to be connected directly to one of the tanks.   It has a long enough hose and I am sure I could figure out some kind of quick disconnect for it.  That will have to wait until we are in Texas in January.   I just don't like being uncomfortable.

We are finding places to stay in around Morelia.  One is San Juan del Lago Rv Park although neither of their telephone numbers are working.  The other is a water park with a campground.  I called to confirm the information on their webpage and the camping is 150 pesos per night.  It is located near the airport.  Reino de Atzimba.  We may still find a good Couch Surfing spot in town or a boondocking site but like to have backup. 

The guy came to check the furnace.  Didn't have a clue what it was but took it apart and found two loose wires.  After that, we turned on the gas and lit the stove first to get gas in the lines.  Very low flame.  So Juan went out and turned the regulator switch from one tank to another and back again.  The flame came up.   Bad regulator.   Furnace works beautifully now.   We will get a new regulator in January.   I'm still scratching my head here.  I thought I had checked all the obvious.  Hmmm . . . .

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  1. As we discovered today, there is always a glitch somewhere in your RV.