Monday, October 31, 2011

One More Day In Morelia - UPDATE

Got the news on the camera.  75 dollars to fix it.  We went to the Monte de Piedad, pawn shop and found a very good camera with large screen, small, fits in your pocket.  Samsung.  Here is our spot at the convention center.  Pretty nice!  Free!

This was taken at dinner the other night

The convention was a hit and so were we.  We know just about everyone as we have been coming for the last 17 years.   Next year it will be in Puerto Vallarta.   Wow, perfect for rving.

They are letting us stay at the convention center for another night and then we are heading off for Pátzcuaro and the Día de Los Muertos celebration.  Friends we met in Guadalajara over the summer saw my post on the Rv.Net and sent an email letting us know about three rv park options.   We don't want to boondock as the place will be packed with tourists and we want to get there early and set up.  We may stay for two days before heading over to Chalco on the northeast side of D.F.   That is where we will be the closest.

The camera is in the shop right now and after this I will go see what the verdict is; problem and cost.  Let's hope it is something minor.  The guy took one look at the camera and knew why we were there.  Said it is a common problem with Canon.

We are having a blast and the city of Morelia is a jewel.  Wish we had pics to post.  The food is great and the people are warm and friendly.   Everyone says to blow off what the news says.  Sure it happens they say but it is not about tourists and we are not in any danger.   The mall was packed yesterday and the avenues too as families were out and about.  Said what the press and politics can do to a country and an economy.

Stay tuned.

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  1. You look like you are having a great time. Love your RV camp site.