Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just One More Week!

Last week was a real P.I.A.  The workers finished on Thursday and left their usual mess for me to clean up.  Plastering walls is a messy job but it is done now and it looks great.  I need to get pics posted.  We now have a third bedroom or studio and the look is much more up-to-date.  The plaster will take a couple of weeks to cure so we won't have the painters come in until we return in December or the first of the year.  Once the paint is done we can get the new floor put in.  We're very happy with the outcome.  It doesn't have that old Hollywood Hills feeling it had before.

So next week we will be taking off for Morelia.  I have put off looking for a place there.  Tomorrow I will call the convention center and see if they will let us stay there.  We are looking forward to the event, four days with 2500 English teachers.  Lots of fun and familiar faces.

I need to get someone to check our LP system.  There seems to be a small leak somewhere and it affects the water heater and furnace performance.   However, it isn't enough to set off the LP detector.

This morning I started my new walking routine.  One hour of brisk walking.   The air has cooled off enough that it is actually chilly now in the early hours.  Another reason is that we have seen some major progress in eliminating the bad element from the area and merchants have reopened and tourists are returning.  It might just be my peace of mind but it feels better.   I figure if I walk an hour a day I should be able to lose a couple extra pounds.  The diet isn't working as fast as I would like.   1000 calories provides a lot of healthy food but little enjoyment.

While I was walking I starting thinking about my diet and exercise.  I started running when I was 18 years old.   I kept that routine  along with aerobics and then weight lifting until we moved out here to the country.  It was pretty difficult to find a place to run.   I switched that to the gym and use the treadmill but it has never been the same.  I love running out in the open.

I have someone to thank for my health and I doubt anyone knows about my interesting find.  When I was 19 years old, I had the opportunity of going to a nutritionist.  He was recommended by a good friend.   I told the doctor about my poor health as a child and he said he would let me in on a secret.   He asked me to go to the library and research on my own Linus Pauling.  He said from there I would find all the answers.   Linus Pauling not only discovered the Alpha Helix and his work with molecular structures, but also researched and studied the use of vitamin C.  His work was written off as quackery by the likes of the Mayo Clinic but he continued to push for its use in cancer treatment.  Since that time I have taken mega-dosis of Vitamin C along with the rest of my regimen.  I currently take 12,000 miligrams, 1000 units of E,  fish oil, calcium and magnesium, Q-10, mega multivitamins with ginseng and biloba.  Twice a year I have a series of vitamin B shots also.

It seems to work for me, I receive a lot of compliments from people at the gym and those that don't believe I am 55 years old.  I can't believe it either.  I thought there were some older guys at the gym but it turns out I am the oldest and they are in their 40s.  Pauling didn't start his therapy until he was in his 50s but went on to live a happy and healthy life until the age of 93.  Genetics, vitamin therapy, or just plain ole luck? 

It strikes me as interesting that there are only four mammal species that "do not" produce their own vitamin C; bats, guinea pigs, and two primates species which are monkeys and humans.   It also amazes me that most doctors scoff at the use of vitamins but then recommend high doses to pregnant women.   Enough said on that. Each person has their own convictions regarding lifestyle and health.



  2. Now, even the doctors are stressing that we all take extra Vitamin D, especially in the northern climates where there isn't as much sun.

    We all have cancer cells, and apparently Vitamin D will help stop them from dividing.

    As you spend so much time in Mexico, you may not need to, but a doctor can do a test to see if you are getting enough D.

  3. Being vegetarian ( we have added fish and dairy to help with the rving ) we have always taken supplements. Personally I have found that the Mexican Dr's do prescribe a good deal of vitamins as opposed to those here in Canada. I seem to be giving B shots almost weekly to someone while we are in Mexico. I purchased a series of mixed B's at Sam's Club to bring home but my Dr. refused to inject me so I had to teach my husband to give me the shots.