Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preparing For Winter Trip

Lots going  on here at home, that's why I haven't posted the last couple of days.  The weather has changed and the nights are cool and require a light blanket.   Days are still sunny and warm but rains are due in this weekend just in time to test our new gutters.  Mexican homes don't usually have gutters.   The rain has always come off the roof and on to the edge of the porch and contributes to the water that settles along the front of the house and we think that affects the foundation.   So now, I hope it rains like a, well you put the explicative.

We started the remodeling of the rest of the house.  We did the bedrooms earlier this year and now the rest of the house.   That ugly 40s Hollywood style stucco is being covered in plaster and a small bedroom is being added so we can say the house has three bedrooms.  They are repairing all the cracks which in some require rebar reinforcement.   Let's hope there is enough money left to put down a new laminated floor, if not, it will have to wait.

Oh, so preparing for winter travel.   October is here and we have an event in Morelia on the 27th.   We will probably take the same route that we took to go to Hacienda Contreras.    Still looking for a place to stay and the convention center hasn't answered my mail regarding a stay on their grounds since the event will be held there.   I can also check CouchSurfing to see if someone will let us use their driveway.  Problem is, driving into town.  Many people don't understand the needs of a travel trailer in terms of accessibility.

After that we need to hang around the outer limits of  Mexico City.  There are a couple of places listed in the Church book and I need to call them.  Wierd that many these days still don't have a webpage or email listed in the book or on the internet.  

I have my work cut out for me in the next two weeks with planning the trip and keeping an eye on the workers.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan. Hope all the remodelling goes well. Let us know about anywhere to stay in Morelia and outside of Mexico City. We may be interested in them ourselves.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Good idea about the gutters.

    Best place to stay outside of Mexico City is ?? Pepe's, my bible is in the RV. I'll check later. If you decide to drive thru Mexico City enroute Puebla, Acapulco, etc he will arrange with the Green Angels to escort you thru the city so you don't get harassed.