Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pátzcuaro - Before Day of the Dead


We left our wonderful spot at the convention center in Morelia at 6 a.m. this morning.  We were told the highway to Pátzcuaro would be bumper to bumper as people headed there to line up for the boats to Janitzio.  Shortest trip ever. 

We arrived an hour later to the Villa Pátzcuaro Rv Park.  What a great place.   Green, quiet, surrounded by trees and best  of all the price, 180 pesos a night.   We have full hookups and strong wi-fi.  

We got set up, met our neighbors Steve and Lorraine formerly from SMA and now building in Lo de Marcos and another couple Shiela and Greg.   We later ran into all of them and Rob and Cathy who turned us on to the rv parks here in Pátzcuaro in the main plaza.   We chatted for awhile and all went our separate ways.

The flowers were everywhere and the streets packed as people prepared for Día de los Muertos.  We looked at all the shops, had a wonderful breakfast and watched people buying flowers and arrangements for the big event tonight in all the cemeteries.  We just returned home from Ihuatzio roaming their local cemetery but I will save that and the wonderful late night pics we took of all the offerings made at the graves of all those who have passed before us.  

Pátzcuaro is probably one of the oldest towns we have visited.  The main plaza has buildings dating back 475 years.   In some parts, it looks as if time has stood still.  Many of the locals speak their native dialects along with Spanish and English as well.

This is a place we could stay for quite some time and really enjoy day trips to the different towns and archaeological sites in the area.  Lots of foreigners and gypsies making it an interesting place for people watching.


  1. You have a knack for finding the best RV parks. That looks a lot nicer than the open field with no WIFI that we had three years ago.

  2. When you are in the plaza Grande, watch for a tall American in a panama hat sitting at a sidewalk cafe. It will be Michael from The Unseen Moon.


  3. I love Patzcuaro! We've stayed at that same RV park 3 times and enjoyed it each time. Have a corunda for me please, they are one of my favorite tamales, I buy them from the guy in front of the cathedral on the hill. mmmm... deliciosa.

  4. We are too big for that park, sigh!! You are right Chris, each and every little town has its own set of new sights and wonders. This is our favorite place in Mexico next to Puerto Angel.

  5. We wish we were there with you guys but just didn't want to deal with the traffic. We will probably stop by this park in the New Year and spend time in the Patzcuaro area.

    Kevin and Ruth