Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Settled In San Miguel de Allende

We got things ready to roll this morning.  I had just showered and as I was getting dressed Juan walked outside and exclaimed, "hey, it's Les".  Our friend Les aka The MexicoKid, dropped by on his scooter to visit us.  He arrived here this week too and is taking up residence this winter at Weber's Tennis Club, at least for the time being.

We chatted for a bit and if you check his website, The Never Ending Journey, you will see our photo there.   We made arrangements to get together once we are settled.  

We walked over to the office at the botanical garden to see our friend and director, Mario.  He was happy to see us and we were there to leave a donation.   We talked for quite a bit about our project and about his at the garden.  Before leaving, he said we could stay as long as we like realizing that it is a public place and they wouldn't be responsible for security.   We spend such a quiet and peaceful time here we aren't too concerned about that.  So, we have taken him up on the offer and will stay here through the weekend so we can visit some new sights we haven't seen. 

Just Itchin' To Go Outside

We mentioned to Les that we were actually on our way to San Ramon and would stop by the old Los Lagos Trailer Park that once existed down by the lake in the neighborhood of Los Frailes.   We ended up going for drive after breakfast just to check it out and it is no longer.  The land was purchased and a beautiful upper class neighborhood, Residencial Los Huizaches, is now in its place.  It must have been something in its day.  We still have the old edition of Mike and Terry Church camping book and they say in their description that it was a pine tree covered area.   We continue to lose rv parks in Mexico to new developments and highrises.  I guess that is progress.  If I only had a half a million dollars to lay out, I would build one.


  1. Love the cat photo!!

    If we win the lotto ( if and when we buy a ticket ) I give you the money!

  2. I'm glad to see the cats, too! They must have fun together.

  3. I'm glad to see the cats, too! They must have fun together.