Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Cold Day In Queretaro

We woke up this morning well rested and ready to take off for the streets of Queretaro.  Got up a little late, sleeping in until 6:45.  We went to the gym here at the hotel, excellent equipment.   Then a hot shower in the locker room and off we went looking for a local market.  Found a good one.

This is the Mercardo Escobedo on Ocampo Street.  It is an indoor market and has just about everything.  We were looking for a late breakfast but that was already over.  So we opted for an early lunch.   Chili relleno with rice, beans, homemade corn tortillas and a bowl of hot soup.  The temperature was mild when we left the hotel but really started to drop throughout the day.

Lunch was 38 pesos, or about 2.75 based on the current exchange rate.  I could have eaten more, there was such a good selection of foods.  Being s hungry we didn't get the chance to make the rounds and missed the seafood market where they were selling soups, tostadas, complete lunches and more.

After, we came back for the truck because we wanted to drop by CostCo for vitamins.  They were out of vitamin C and so we are running low.  Not sure if Walmart will have what we are looking for. 

We were also in the search for some bolts we needed for the WDH.  The stirrups had the wrong size bolts and were a bit loose causing the ends of the stirrup to bend.  We had one fixed in Morelia at a mofler shop.  Then the other one started to bend.  Home Depot Morelia didn't have the bolts.   I made a mexicanada and it got us here to Queretaro.  So we popped by Home Depot here and they have the same stock.  However, and I really  mean it, people here in Queretaro are super, super nice.  The kid who worked in the screw department took us outside and showed us how to get to a shop that specializes in bolts, screws, etc.   We found it right away but no luck.  The owner showed us on the map the largest supplier of nuts and bolts in all of Queretaro.  Took us ten minutes to get there and the counterman fixed us up right away.  What a deal!

Came back home and took a nap.   Got up and it was even colder.  I did a good vacuum of the trailer, dusted and washed the floors.  We have the heat on now and fixing a delicious pasta dinner with salad and wine.   Juan got the chicken breast for 20 pesos, a half a kilo. 

The view from our rv.

We will watch a movie from Blockbuster and hit the hay.  Tomorrow we visit the education department, find a place to do laundry and go sightseeing.   You gotta love this place.  Also, tomorrow I have a meeting in Mexico City via Skype to discuss the next project.  I also received a call for work in December in Baja for a week.

BTW, Juan bought a couple of baskets for the cats beds when we were in Morelia.  Today he walked up to the fabric store and bought some filler and fabric to make cushions for the baskets.   What do you think?


  1. I think the cats are going to love those beds in the cold of a highlands winter.

    Have you gone to GNC for your vitamins? They are everywhere I think and have a good selection.

    You'll be ready for some Yucatán sunshine after the cold of Querétaro.

  2. Thanks Jonna. I'm cheap and GNC is expensive although they have the 2 for 1 Tuesday. I'm not picky about my vitamin C, problem is, we take mega-dosis and it can get expensive. I will check today though just in case.

    BTW, the cats won't leave their new beds.

  3. Looks to me like the cats are in heaven. They now have first class service! Sounds like you had a great day. Queretaro is on our list of places to visit.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. What a perfect day. I would never leave. Yup, the cats are are happy.