Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Were Warned

It was worse than I have ever experienced in my life.  It wasn't life threatening, but it was a day that will never be forgotten by two seasoned rvers in Mexico.

We are just recovering from the experience, in a hotel in Texcoco.  One part of Mexico we will avoid in the future.  So sad.  Fufi the Funfinder is okay too, a little bruised but will recover.  I am heading home tomorrow via air for a talk I need to give at the university and will return on Monday.  I hate leaving Juan alone but I need to get a replacement part for the rv, a paper we forgot and drowned myself in pity and alcohol. 

I'm too exhausted to say anymore, I will fill everyone in this weekend.  All in all, we are fine now.

Tomorrow it won't even be a big deal.  Honest, we're fine.

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  1. Don't know what happened but glad you and Juan are OK..take care and be safe best wishes Les