Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taking In The Sights In Queretaro

Today was another free day.  I had a Skype meeting at 4 o'clock so we decided to take advantage of the morning.  First off we went to the gym for a good workout.  Strength training is easy, weight control under the current food conditions is tough. 

We ate a light breakfast and went off to find a good laundry.  Took us a while.  With the cold weather people are less likely to do their own laundry.  We finally found a place and it was pretty reasonable.  All of our bed linens and clothes cost us 80 pesos, around 6.50 u.s. 

Heading downtown we found our light lunch as well.  A slice of pizza, monstrous in size, and a small glass of soda for a whopping 10 pesos.  Kevin, can you beat that? 

We toured the downtown area for quite a few hours.  There is so much to see and do.  There are walking tours in English and Spanish, including the legends of the area.  The tour guides are dressed in 16th century garb and walk you through some of the historic buildings where legends and ghosts to this day live on.

As a side note, and a sad one, we lost our Secretario de Gobernacion today in a tragic helicopter accident, Francisco Blake Mora, QEPD.   It was a severe blow to Calderon's cabinet.   A great man, and along with him part of his cabinet and several military guards.   May they all be remembered for their heroic work in Mexico during these tough times and may they rest in peace.


  1. Great price on the pizza lunch, that would be tough to beat!

  2. I had read about the cabinet minister's crash and wondered what the effect would have on the government.