Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Only One Way To End It!


This song says it all about our trip.  Another good month on the road.  I will be posting our expenses for the month sometime in the next week.  Enjoy the video.

BTW, this was also going to be the theme song we were going to share with our good friends Chuck and Sam in San Antonio.  We had been friends since the early eighties when Sam sold me a house there.  The four of us did everything together.  We would visit San Antonio or they would come to Monterrey.  We spent holidays together, cooked together, just about everything.  It was a dream for all of us to retire and travel.  After we bought our first rv it was almost set in concrete that we would all rv together too!  One of our favorite holidays was Thanksgiving in South Padre Island.  We would all pack our cars with goods and head from the north and the south and meet in the middle.  We would rent a condo for the four days and fix Thanksgiving dinner.  Go for walks on the beach at night, look at the stars, ponder our futures.  It was really a time to remember.   Unfortunately, the last Thanksgiving we had in SPI was seven years ago when we scattered Chuck's ashes along the gulf shore.   Chuck had suffered from liver cancer and after only two chemo treatments decided to throw in the towel.  His decision and we stood by it.  I spent the last month with him and helped Sam watch over Chuck. 

I have always thought, "Chuck, why didn't you tough out the therapy, maybe it would have worked and we would all be here together now following "that detour sign"."  I guess I'm being selfish when I do.

We may surprise Sam this Thursday by driving up to San Antonio and fixing a Thanksgiving dinner.  They were really magic moments that we thought would never end.  Miss ya Chuck!

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