Monday, November 21, 2011

Goodbye SMA - It Was Fun!

So much happened over the weekend that I didn't have time to post.  This will be a quick trip through two days.  Saturday afternoon we visited with our friend Susan who with her husband Carlos own JasmineDaySpa on Jesus St.  They do massage along with a list of other services.   They have two teenage daughters and have lived in SMA for 19 years.  Susan is a writer too and has written a couple of books about life in Mexico.  We chatted up a storm and then headed over to Weber's to visit with Les.  When we arrived, he was sitting in the sunshine reading a book.  What a life!  We were hoping to see the girls but they weren't there.  We talked about rving, Mexico, where we were going, who was coming.  It was fun.

Saturday night we were in the main plaza watching all the activities.   This weekend we celebrate two events; the Mexican Revolution and Buen Fin.   Buen Fin is a one-time weekend program to stimulate the economy, get people out shopping and spending money, and most of all to help create jobs.  This is done by merchant large and small, posting the sign in their window, advertising on television and newspaper, discounts they are offering for the three day weekend.  The president kicked it off with a shopping trip in D.F. on Friday.

SMA is packed this weekend.  A good sign for the city, Mexico and the economy.  Sunday brought us to a long tour of the botanical gardens.   We have been through the gardens many times but always rushing.  Yesterday we took our time and followed the map.   We also had time to take pictures of Land Art which is a mix of nature and art.  The park is beautiful and we are now yearly members.  The membership is 600 pesos for 15 months.  I encourage anyone who comes here to visit the park.  It is truly something. 

Last night we had dinner with our new friend Judy.  Remember we met Judy at La Gruta hot springs last week.   We had dinner at Socialité just two blocks from the center of town.  A fun time had by all.

We were also invited by Brett from Shanti San Miguel, another great spa in SMA, to Thanksgiving dinner with friends.  We graciously declined as we are heading back to Monterrey today.   We will spend tonight at the Las Palmas Hotel and Rv Park in Matehuala.

Pictures will be added later, I just discovered a threat in my camera card.  :(


  1. Something tell me you really truly enjoyed SMA!!

  2. I hate to bug you again Chris... but would it be possible to share a little about the Land Art show at the Botanical Gardens... I clicked on the Show link on a Facebook post, and it showed the artists... but it didn't say what the show was about.

    Thanks much for any info and photos you might have!