Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Short 65 Kms - The Remains of La Siesta (Pictures Added)


We finally left our resort dwelling in Flamingo Inn in Queretaro.  It was truly relaxing and we will go back for sure.   At 250 pesos a night you can't beat it although it isn't boondocking.   We headed north on Hwy 57 and took the  111 east to SMA.  We were there in no time, less than an hour.  We have been in the search for a gas adapter for our radiant heater.  I want to run it off of one tank with its own regulator and have the other tank for rv use.  No such animal here and we have exhausted our search.  We need to have a "T" connection put in under the stove and be done with it.  I just don't like the idea of cutting into an interior gas line.

First business of the afternoon here was to stop by La Siesta.  The office is still open but everything has been bulldozed.  The office checked with the owner if we could boondock there but the old fart said no.  He said there was too much large machinary passing in and out and he didn't want our rv to get hit.  It is really gone now. 

We took an hour looking at other rv possibilities in SMA.  One is a good idea for a one nighter, it is the El Cardo parking lot where the buses park during the day.  For one vehicle it is 16 pesos an hour, speak with Martin.  We could have left the rv at Mega during the day and then parked there at night arriving at 9 p.m. and leaving at 7 a.m. with a cost of 160 pesos.  It is secure, well-lit and open 24 hours.  From La Siesta drive four blocks into town passing the Real de Mina Hotel and the OXXO.  Turn left up a small incline and 20 meters on the right you will find it.  Good part is, you can leave your rv knowing it is secure and have fun at night in SMA.

We are now parked in front of the botanical garden.  We took a nap and were abruptly woken up when the rv began rocking.   I knew what it was, it was the same horse that we encountered last time getting a good back scratch on the slideout.  It is so quiet here I wish we could stay forever.

We already bought some good bread and are enjoying now during happy hour with cheese, olives, some turkey slices and a cold vodka with three ice cubes.

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  1. La Siesta was one of the places that wouldn't give us a deal for parking with no hookups. Didn't like the place, but I guess they knew they were the only game in town at the time. We also liked parking for free at the botanical gardens.