Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready To Head Back Home (to the rv)

I changed my flight today to leave for D.F. tomorrow at noon.  I need to go to the bank and then to our local transito office.   I want to get a letter from them or the regulation regarding trailers and the additional sticker which we don't have.  In Mexico a remolque is a remolque (a trailer is a trailer).  Mexico doesn't recognize the difference between a trailer for transport, a trailer for ATVs, a flatbed trailer, or a travel trailer.  All pay the same rate for the plates. Foreign rvs and the aduana is another thing, but I am talking Mexican plated.   Here in Nuevo Leon the cost is 643 pesos for new plates or renewal.  There is no sticker because Mexico doesn't sell travel trailers so there are no windows on trailers to put the sticker.  And that is where it is supposed to go on your car.  I want to ram the regulation up someone's tailpipe when we get back, report the sinners, and find some gratification be it real or just feel good.  My fear is the retribution, but we won't be back to that crappy little town anyway.

We found a place to stay.   Juan went to get his shoes shined yesterday.  After, he wanted to take a taxi to see some possible rv sites.   Well, his driver was the same guy who guided us to the hotel.   He has offered us a place to stay, which is near the university we will be doing our research at.  He has a house for sale in a gated community, not top drawer by any means, but safe and he is willing to let us use his electric.   He will also guide us on Tuesday from downtown Texcoco to his place.  He has family members there who will keep an eye on things when we are gone during the day.  Sounds like a deal.

Juan will also visit the university tomorrow to see if we can strike an on-campus deal and stay there. 

I can't wait to get back.  Sorry my post the other day was such a downer, but I get my feelings bruised very easily.  I find it hard to accept that there are evil people in the world, yes I know, how naive.  Who would want to hurt someone like me?  I mean most people like me.  

Anyway, it is time to get back to rving in Mexico, enjoying the sights, sounds, and foods.  Viva Mexico!

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