Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Break From The Rain - Chicago Day 3

The rains have let up at least for today.  There have been heavy rains, flash flooding and a shut down of the main artery into Chicago due to a fallen bridge support that has closed five lanes.  It has been a bear moving around town.   We did manage to get out yesterday for awhile, at least enough to eat a great Mexican breakfast.   Later on in the afternoon we hung around with Enrique, Fabiola, the kids and Enrique's mother who is here visiting from Monterrey.  We watched a movie on a huge flat screen tv (all these rich Americans) and ordered a true Italian pizza pie.   We watched videos of the dance group that Juan had downloaded that showed Enrique and Fabi dancing.   Good memories but a few tears at the same time.
My attempt at backing into a small driveway from a narrow alley.  Got it done though!  Too many flailing arms!  You know the routine.

The architecture in Chicago is incredible.  You can walk the streets all day and see beautiful homes, schools and office building that date back over 100 years.  In the picture below, if it weren't for the satellite dishes you wouldn't know when this picture was taken.

Happy family!
Just the guys out for breakfast!  We followed Enrique to the glass repair shop to change out his broken windshield.  A policeman near his work had stopped him several times and given him warnings about the windshield.  He knew his time was coming so it was a good thing to change it.  This is when we went out for breakfast.   Nice to be in a Spanish speaking environment.

So Sunday out for breakfast at the taqueria and then sightseeing!  Alright!