Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lots of Funny Questions

Our hearts go out to the people of Moncton and all Canadians for the loss of their three RMCP who were gunned down by an assassin.  He is still at large but I am sure he will be caught soon.  As a resident of Moncton said, "this kind of thing happens only in the U.S., not our backyard".   The world grows smaller.

Today we woke up a bit early with the alarm clock.  We had another online training conference and it started at 7:30 Mexico City time.   It lasted two hours but it was well-worth it.  Working as a consultant for National Geographic is a big deal for us and we hope it will bring lots of work in the following year.  

We showered and hit the road but not after buying a yogurt at the Canadian Superstore.  Great prices on produce!   They also offered fuel at a decent price which got us to the Alberta border where gas was $.27 cheaper per liter.  

We took our time today stopping along the route to see things we had read about earlier in the week.  In the car and in the evenings we take a look through the brochures we pick up at the visitor's center in some of the towns.  Today was  a stop in Sparwood.   Kevin had sent me a mail and gave us a head's up on the truck.   I had seen one in Mexico when I worked for the company which supplies silica sand for glass production.

Between Cranbrook and Sparwood there were quite a few traffic stops for road work.  Good for them, maintaining Canadian highways.  Lots of woman working on heavy machinery as well as directing traffic.   Mexico is slowly following suit and you see more woman in what once was a traditionally male dominated position.

Crowsnest was another stop we had anticipated.   Beautiful views of the mountains still covered in snow.   Two of the young woman at the Crowsnest visitor's center gave us a great tour and explanation of the mountaintop also stating they had climbed to the top.   Menacing as it looks, they explained that there is a trail on the back side that is not to difficult and they did a round trip in eight hours.  Sounds like a good one for Kevin, Ruth, Juan and I.

Further down the road we spent some time at the Frank Slide.   A mountainside actually slide down dropping 90,000 tons of rock onto a small town killing many people.   The interesting part of the story was to discover that after, many homes refused to move in case of the inevitable and mining continued increasing the risk of futher slides and also killing hundreds of men in future mine fires and accident in the following 20 years.  The fallen rock still lies in place which bring the tragedy to reality.

Food for conversation on the trip along with news updates on the RMCP killings and the big change in scenery as we left the Rockies behind us.  Juan drove the last hour and a half into Lethbridge.   What a nice city!   We filled up for tomorrow, found the Home Depot and asked for permission to spend the night.   Never an issue.   We also needed some propane and went back about 2 kms on Mayor MaGrath Ave to the center of town.   From the time we stopped for gas, Juan was asking everyone where they thought he could find the best Chinese in town.   In the end, it was the Imperial on Ave 3 S just one block from the big water tower.   We dipped in, liked what we saw and split a plate of bbq pork, fried shrimp, chicken chow mein and fried rice served up with our special made sauce of chinese chile paste mixed with soy sauce and also a side of hot chinese mustard.   Happy to say, satisfied.

Back we come to Home Depot for a nap and now we are settling in for a cold 3C evening.   We may go over to the CostCo for stroll through the store.   


  1. Yep, looks like that would be a great hike!

  2. You are enjoying some great sights along the way finishing up with a nice Chinese Dinner.

  3. Another nice day on the road! Wish I had known you were stopping there, I have friends just East of Lethbridge in Taber where you could have stayed still hooked up. That's where the girls come from.