Monday, June 9, 2014

Between Weyburn, SK and The U.S.

A stop in Moose Jaw to see the world's largest moose!

Always hard to say goodbye to old friends.  We hadn't seen Kevin and Ruth for over  a year and we spent the weekend filling each other in on what had gone on.   We watched some more of their travelogue through South Africa.  Truly fascinating and they had a blast meeting CouchSurfers and rvers along the way.  
We took off around 8:15 this morning.   We were low on fuel but I was sure we could make it to Swift Current.   Beautiful drive and the wind was getting stronger and the fuel gauge lower.  I've never run out of fuel, ever.   We got as far as Success, SK.  The name was catchy enough but I could tell as we approached there was no fuel there.   We pulled in anyway because the sign at the entrance said, "Swift Current 32 kms".  A couple was pulling out in their minivan and I flagged them down.  They said they would run back to the house to see if one of their kids had a gas can with some fuel in it.  They came back and said it was a no go.  They were headed to Swift Current and offered to follow us into town in case we did run out.   We made it to the Esso station on the highway outside of town and we goodbye to each other.  They had big smiles and so did we.  They were surprised that people from Mexico would come all that way and out to Success.  Well, the name says it.   Another example of how nice Canadians are.  Pretty much like Mexicans.
We headed down to Moose Jaw and then into Weyburn.   We had found a place in Yellow Grass about 27 kms from Weyburn but we wanted to see the Canadian Curling Museum.   The spot at Yellow Grass was a city park with three spots but no wifi or services nearby.  We pulled into the Weyburn visitor's center to check our mail only to find out that the Curling Museum is only open on Sundays.  She called to see if someone could open it up for us but it was a no go.
We found another city park right in front of the visitor's center.  $26 a night, full hookups with wifi.  As we pulled in there was a big sign that said, "Wifi Out of Service".   Off we went to the Walmart and setup.   There are three of us there now.  I had a long nap and we are now at McDonald's having a coffee and doing the blog.   We have a good television signal and watched the six o'clock news from Regina and will do the same later on.  I love my news.
Tomorrow we head for Estevan to cross into the U.S. and head for Minot, ND.   Let's see what happens when Juan tries to reenter the U.S. on the same permit he got when we entered back in April.   You never know what will happen with those guys.
I found this funny and a bit distressing.  I don't like a lot of government in my life and here is a good example.  Please keep in mind, this is nothing against Canadians or people from Saskatchewan, just an example of where Big Brother is going.  New rules for motorcyclists in SK:
  • Pass a motorcycle road test
  • 12 months without any at-fault collisions, suspensions or convictions
  • Must wear hand-covering gloves, ankle-covering boots and an approved 3/4, modular or full-face helmet
  • May only operate a motorcycle that displays a red L placard available at any SGI motor licence issuer and driver exam offices
  • No passengers
  • No riding 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise
  • Must not consume any amount of alcohol or have any level of drug impairment, and operate a motorcycle. (0 BAC or Drug Impairment)

  • A Texas motorcyclist would take to the streets on this one.  


    1. I didn't know that you were that low on fuel...I had some park gas here that I could have sold you! Glad you made it anyhow.

      Great seeing you again...I'm sure we'll pick up where we left off at some point this winter.

      Yep. Far too many rules here in Canada.

      1. Hey Kevin. I really thought it wasn't an issue when we left. You know how fuel gauges are, and the windier it got the faster it dropped. I slowed to 70 kms in hopes it would help. I think the issue was never having taken the tank that low we didn't know what it would do. Yep, see you guys this winter. We need more wine though. That just wasn't enough! Thanks again you guys for your hospitality.

    2. I suspect those rules are for motorcyclists with learners licences. That is what the reference to displaying the "L" is. Once they get their actual licence they can use the roads like anyone else but rules are different for learners.

      If a Texan runs into a telephone pole with no helmet on, he is on his own. If a Canadian runs into a telephone pole with no helmet on, the medical system sews his face back on at no direct cost to him. That is the main reason for some of the more restrictive rules.

      1. Here's the link, it's pretty much across the board.
        Wait till social medicine denies care to smokers. That's coming to Mexico's social system soon. It is being discussed by legislation. Then it will be alcohol. Say no to Big Brother.

    3. At least you did not run put of fuel and thats a good thing.
      Always fun exploring new places and seeing new sights.

    4. NIce to know a stranger was there for you. Good luck with the crossing.

    5. Hi Guys: Sorry I missed you, You were withn1 mile of where I live glad you saw the moose, wish I could have shown you around Moose Jaw. Hope to meet up one day. My friend and I are in Alaska right now.