Monday, June 2, 2014

Visit With The 5Cs

Okay, as I said in the last post we made it to Kelowna on Saturday around 2 p.m.  We were greeted at the gate to the rv park by Colin and Contessa in their golf cart.  They got us signed in and put up in a super good site.  Very quiet and private.   I have failed to mention that I was sick for a couple of days.  Before leaving Derek and Teresa, I was having severe stomach cramps.  I rarely get sick but when I do it affects me psychologically. 

I was a really bummer for everyone on Saturday night.  I went home early but Juan stayed until 11:15.   I hadn't had any sleep yet and was tossing and turning.  It felt like I had drunk some bad water or something and had some bichos (bugs) running around inside.  

Yesterday, I got up and did have some relief but it kept coming and going.   I stayed home most of the day before heading over to Colin and Contessa's house which is right around the corner.  Contessa is a wonderful cook and prepared a delicious quiche and potato cheese casserole.   Along with the company, wine, and eating outside on the deck overlooking the lake it couldn't be beat.  They are truly great hosts and we appreciate all their hospitality. 

We talked into the night and it was almost midnight again before we got home.  Feeling a bit better we went to bed for a good rest.  I woke up at 5:15 as usual.  The daylight here comes early and stays late so I'm still not acclimated to the change.   I looked at the clock and decided to sleep another hour.  This morning, when I finally got out of bed I felt much better and now we are down to stomach growling.

Kelowna is not what I expected of Canada.  Everyone is tan, the sun is shining, you would think we were in Florida or another sunshine state.   I guess these guys are always in the sun between here and Mazatlan.

This morning I washed the front of the trailer.  It was covered with tar, bugs and yuck.   I vacuumed the SUV and will wash it this afternoon.   We will be leaving here early Wednesday morning and heading to SK to see Kevin and Ruth. 


  1. We're friends of Colin and Contessa. We meet up when we travel to Mazatlan. We first got to know them through their blog. We've talked about making a trip to Kelowna for a long time, you beat us to it and we're not that far away in Montana. So sorry you were so sick, hope you're all over it.

  2. Looks like a good time! We have not seen Contessa and Colin's place yet but it looks very nice! Hopefully you have your stomach bugs under control!

  3. Good to see your having a good time...except for the "bug". Planning on coming to Saskatoon?