Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Minot, ND - On IV Drip


We crossed the border this morning after a great evening at Walmart in Weyburn.   The Walmart also had electric on a couple of light posts.   We asked if we could hook up and the manager said, "by all means".   Again, Canadians are friendly folks.   The town is a bit worn down and looks a bit poor.  Not sure why unless it is because of its proximity to the U.S. border.

We had two great U.S. border agents (much different than the ones at the Mexican border).  They did a thorough inspections and we hadn't eliminated anything from the fridge.  They ended up taking a tomato, three colorful peppers and the one last Mexican lime we had.  Too bad.  They couldn't have been nicer.

Off we went for Minot.  The visitor's center was a huge disappointment.   Not friendly or helpful.  Welcome to the U.S.   We found our way without them and went to the Home Depot.   No luck though, not because they don't allow rvers, but they are resurfacing their parking lot.  We checked our mail and headed across the street to Walmart.  The place is packed with rvers.   The rv parks here want $280 a week, can you believe that!  Yikes.   We'll return to Home Depot tomorrow if they are done with the work.  I am looking for other options further east near Fargo.

We had a nice lunch and a nap.  We stayed up late last night watching the movie, "The Internship" that Keven passed us.   Too funny and we laughed our butts off.  I had trouble falling asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about the movie.   Up at 5 a.m. it left me tired all morning.

We did some Wally World shopping stopping first at the liquor store they have separate from the main store.   We met a wonderful woman who was born in El Paso but grew up in Ciudad Juarez.  She wouldn't let us go for more than half an hour saying she missed Mexico so much and wanted to practice her Spanish.   She said in North Dakota they discriminate against Mexicans.  Well, that's just about everywhere.  Jealous I guess!

So now I am on an IV drip of vodka and red wine.   We bought a 1.75 Gordon's vodka for $14.47, two bottles of wine and some diet soda for a total of $23.  We may stay here for a week to relax and get my blood levels back up (just kidding!).  This was an issue for me yesterday as I wanted just one diet soda.  I like one, twice a week and we usually share one.   I went to the Walmart in Weyburn and they had Diet Coke for $3.97.  Okay, as they say in Canada, "it is what it is".  But then they wanted to hit me with a $2 tax for cans.   Okay, but what does an rver do with their recyclables?  Tote them around?  I told the cashier to forget it.   I'm over it but everything is a trade off.  More on that later.  We're happy to be here, we miss a lot of things in Canada and look forward to our return in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia to visit our wonderful Canadian friends.  

I'm starting to like my dirt road at home.  


  1. Ha...funny post. We just finished watching "The Internship" this evening...good movie.

  2. Crossing the borders can be unnerving at times, we are trying to use up our food stuffs as we are going to New York for a wedding this weekend. Where we can replenish our IV drip supplies too. Travel safe and enjoy.

  3. How generous to be able to use electricity from a parking lot light! Nice prices for booze in the states.

  4. I don't think we've ever stayed at a Wal-Mart that had hook-ups. WoooHooo.... Bill & I lived near Upham, ND for a while... Minot was the closest town for shopping. We didn't have a tow car back then... had to take our rig with us for groceries. By the way... I'll be in Ohio July 23/29.... Bill will be here in Maine, but I'm hoping I will see you as well.

  5. Gosh and here I thought the IV drip would be the news of a one day fast. Don't feel bad about loosing that food at the border. It's normal. Funny thing with tomatoes is that one week they are allowed and the next they are not. Going back into Canada most of that stuff will be allowed.