Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Over The Rockies We Go

First off, we want to thank Colin and Contessa for a fantastic stay at Holiday Park in Kelowna.  We talked up a storm, hung out together and formed a friendship.   They are great hosts and just fun to be around.  Colin is an excellent guitarist and he played for us everyday.   Contessa is a lucky person.  They fur kids are special too and wish we could take them to Nova Scotia with us.
But, we moved on this morning and we didn't go through Banff.  I've seen pictures but what we saw today was the best trip in terms of scenery since we left Mexico.   We passed through to Castlegar, Grand Forks, down to Creston and ended the day here in Cranbrook.  
Lake Christina
Grand Forks was a highlight on the trip.  We spent two hours there around town and at another great BC visitor's center.  People are so friendly it is amazing.  Not a bunch of sourpusses like in other countries.  We stopped for gas at a Shell in Grand Forks and the girl told us she had been to Baja California in 1996.   She worked with a group in the summer to help kids at an orphanage.  She said she wants to send her daughter to "straighten her out".  
We took tons of pictures and I am not sure after downsizing if the signal here is strong enough.  We pulled into Cranbrook and headed for Home Depot.  They said they were happy to have us and reminded us that they also have free wifi.  We picked un an LED bulb and two timers that were on sale for $2 a piece.   They asked that we be on our way in the morning before they open at 8 a.m.  No problem there.
BTW, the trip today was so scenic we saw deer on the highway and get this, a black bear sitting on the side of the road.  We slowed down and he looked at us like, "what is that?".   Not sure where we will stop tomorrow but we want to make it a short day and do some sightseeing.
Also, get well wishes to Croft whose house we stayed at on Vancouver Island.  He had a fainting spell over the weekend and ended up in the hospital.  He's home now and fine.  We called him yesterday from Contessa's house.  He's in good spirits and recovering nicely.


  1. It is a shame that you didn't go to Jasper. Amazing scenery and the ice fields also.

    1. Yep, I'm sure we are missing quite a few things on the way, but just like rvers in Mexico, you can't visit all the states at one time and we will be back. Canada looks like a great summer option to beat the heat.

    2. Coming back is a good thing! There really is too much in Canada to see in one trip. We all want you to stay longer to visit us but we also want you to see more of our country. You can't satisfy everybody's every wish. As long as you keep having fun!

      I am fine. Don't worry about me.

  2. just because you blogged without mentioning food dosn't mean you dont keep your camera ready what bear???? Safe travels put SPAIN Oon your list chers les

  3. Love those words, "We will be back." That's just what we want to hear!

    Sorry to hear about Croft. Recover quickly, Croft!