Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is It Minot or "Might"not?

You are well aware of my sarcasm so the title shouldn't surprise you.   We had a plan today to visit the Taube Art Gallery, Train Depot Museum and the Minot Riverwalk.   I had a good idea not to expect too much but we were disappointed. 
We drove drove to the downtown area and even though this is a small town, they only allow two hour street parking.  Elated to find the Taube Art Gallery which is located in an early 20th century building, we entered the museum to find the walls were void of any art.   Two women turned to look at us and kept on chatting.   I interrupted them only to be told they had an event last night and hadn't rehung any of the art.   Hmm, was this a lead into what we would find the rest of the day?
Off we went to the Train Depot Museum.  Beautiful train depot but nobody home.   We walked around, peered in windows and could see lights but no people.  We decided to make the best of our day trip and walked around the streets of downtown MightNot.   We stumbled upon a very cool collector's store filled with memorabilia and a grouchy old grump who wouldn't say a word.  When I finally confronted him about the train depot he said, "well, what does the sign on the door say?"  Okay, I could see where we  were going.   I told him there was no sign and he barked back, "a doctor runs the place, he's never there".   Thank you and goodbye.
We headed to the Infinity Mutual Funds building and the story was the same.  The woman in her office said maybe he was out to lunch and we should do the same.   Hmm, this is not being very friendly.
Funny part is, the downtown area is deserted but filled with little boutiques and fancy schmancy  sandwich shops and eateries that are empty.  You would think there would be open arms and celebraions, after all , how many rvers come from Mexico to MightNot?  And we were reminded of that later in the day when we went to a computer shop for a cable.  The guy said, "you drove all the way from Mexico to MightNot, what for?"  That kind of helped things settle.
As for the riverwalk, it was destroyed in the mighty flood of 2011 and hasn't been rebuilt.
But we had a fun day.  We found a place downtown to park and fix lunch while I read the paper and enjoyed the shade.  It wasn't long though until another old grouch nearby had driven by, given us the stare and it wasn't long before a police SUV was sitting behind us keeping his eye on us.   We left without any further incident.
We went to a car wash and vacuumed the rv inside (we have a vacuum on board but this was a super sucking one), filled up with fuel, found a free dump station and went to the Home Depot where we were told we can't stay because of liability.  Weird, signs are posted everywhere saying they aren't responsible for any theft, damage, murder or such.  We went to our friendly Walmart, the slave holder of minimum wage employees.  
Time for drinks.  Tomorrow we head for Thief River Falls, Mn. to a Passport America park for the weekend.  $10 a night all services.  It is first come first serve and we have another infamous web meeting in the morning but I think we'll make it.  If not, we called the Crookston, Mn. city parks and they have full hookups with wifi for $15 a night as a second option.
Don't take me too seriously, I hope you get a chuckle out of it, I know I did. 


  1. Well, I 'Might Not' go there! You guys should have stayed in Canada.

  2. Quite the adventure but sad and funny at the same time.... We've had those experiences=closed or never open anyways. Passport America has good recommendations but we'd suggest you cross check Woodall's to make sure they're decent.

  3. Home Depot claimed "liability issues" regarding letting you park there? Seriously? Did you get that directly from a manager, or just a customer service employee?

    1. Yes and I didn't want to stay where we weren't wanted. Ridiculous, how many parking lots say, "not responsible for damage or theft". The guy was a boob so we used the Walmart and had very good wifi anyway from the Buffalo Bill's restaurant 24/7.

  4. I have to agree with the guy in the computer shop? Why Minot? It's really just a drive through town or a quick overnight at Walmart.

  5. Lol...I can just hear the phone conversation...."Sheriff, there's a couple of them there real live Mexicans down at the Walmart.....seen 'em with my own eyes!"
    Mark SK