Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barra Del Tordo, Tamaulipas

Quite a few people are already talking about their plans to travel in Mexico this next Winter. Putting aside the high gas prices, it is hard to say no to an annual pilgrimage that includes amazing sunsets, warm Winter nights and that cold Mexican beer. I also realize that a lot of Snowbirds or RVers in Mexico appreciate the conveniences of rv parks (for what they are worth) as well as the camaraderie that goes along with rving.

However, as an avid boondocker, I really prefer places that bring me solitude. It may be attributed to the fact that I am still a working stiff and confined to daily routines such as work, yard work, home maintenance, running errands, just to name a few.

Well, my dream of long-term rving would be to escape from the noise and the crowds or at least be able to hide away all the route. I have found several places along the East coast that would make for great Winter stops as you head down to the Emerald Coast or even further to Paa Mul.

One of my favorite and most talked about spots is Barra Del Tordo, Tamaulipas.Talk about easy to find, great roads, no people and a beach that you will most likely have to yourself. We have stayed here frequently as it is a beach trip close to home for us. Believe it or not, in terms of rving, South Padre Island is the closest beach but the border crossing with a Mexican rv has become a nightmare. But that's another story.
Getting there is simple. It is 420Kms from Reynosa to Barra. Coming from Reynosa you can take the 97 South to the 180/101 all the way to Aldama and then take the 34km road to the beach, signs lead the way to Barra from Aldama and everyone will be glad to help you should you need directions.
From Matamoros/Brownsville, (you can also cut across from Reynosa on Hwy40 to Matamoros) you take the 180/101 coast route and this is more direct and a better highway versus the Reynosa 97South. Again, this takes you right to Aldama. BTW, Aldama is the municipality for Barra Del Tordo.
The other route would be the autopista Hwy85 from Reynosa via Monterrey and cutting over to the 180/101 at Ciudad Victoria.
Once you arrive at the beach you will find a large gravel/sand parking area on your left.On the right side is a series of palapas with asadores (barbecue grills). These palapas have cement picnic tables, are right along the beach and have a light and a 110 connection. There is also an outlet that will run most of your 110 needs except air conditioning. In the Winter, if the power isn't on, the caretaker will be glad to hit the switch.
There is a river that flows to the ocean and it is within walking distance. The views are spectacular and bird watching is great in this area. There is a tour company that will take you up the river to do the watching.Most of the time for us though, it is pure R&R. It is a good place for running on the beach, reading, or a great sunset and happy hour.If you need to check your internet, it is a short 34Kms to Aldama and you will find a full range of services, gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, hardware stores and internet cafes. Most internet cafes charge 5 pesos an hour.

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