Friday, May 23, 2008

Una Comida Bajo La Sombra

Today is Friday and there will be a lunch in my backyard. I forgot to order the tables and chairs. My neighbor in front used to rent them but quit the business. So I went up to Los Cavazos and asked another neighbor who has a restaurant and she gave me the name of the place. I found Bonanza in El Cercado and the people are just great. They said they were very busy because it was the weekend but they would be glad to accomodate me. People here are so generous and friendly it is unbelievable. They delivered the tables and chairs about an hour ago. It will be hot today but I have the air conditioning on inside the house just in case. The table decorations and the food have not arrived yet but everything is under way.On my way back from El Cercado where I rented the equipment, I couldn't help myself and stopped by this taco stand along the highway. I pass it all the time and thought I would give it a try. I ordered two jalepeƱo de queso (little chile rellenos), one machacado con huevo (dried beef cooked with eggs) and a spicy desebrada (shredded beef) and, a diet coke. How convenient!This weekend at Presa de la Boca lake near my house, there are canoeing competitions. These are all adolescents and they are doing their practice runs today. Pretty interesting, looks like something I could do or at least could have done as a youngster.The lake offers boat rides, horse rides, and there is a string of seafood restaurants. When my friends Geoff and Sandy were here we ate there. Do you remember that? Business will be packed tomorrow for the weekend as people will be looking to escape the city heat. You can see the restaurants and they are gearing up for tomorrow.Later today, I will go to Allende to spend the night and test the air conditioning system in the trailer. I also need to see that the workers are doing their job.
Have a wonderful weekend, I hope the best yet. Be nice to your neighbor, you never know when you may need a favor.

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