Sunday, June 28, 2009

Retention and Soffocation

I have several complexes. I hate leaving a place dirty. I know I'll never see the person again but I feel I need to leave a good impression. One of those times is the hotel room. This morning I had some difficulty getting out of the hotel on time to get to the airport because I had to clean up my room. I like to put all the dirty towels together, pick up, and empty all the trash cans into one. It comes from an old habit when I worked as a "maid" in Seqouia Natl Park right out of high school. I was surprised by the way people left their rooms. Pigs I tell you. And the things we found, I won't mention them here, we are all adults and probably know from experience, hearsay or just plain ole imagination.

The other problem is breathing. My biggest fear. I don't have anxiety attacks or anything like that, but very humid hot air makes me feel like I can't breath. That's how I felt this morning when I left Los Mochis. But don't worry, I've never had an attack or put on a show, I can control it quite well. (am I a nut or what!)

So here I am in Ensenada. I got to the airport, took the bus down the coast (buses leave directly from the airport), checked into my hotel and did some sight seeing. A cruise ship left this afternoon. It was fun watching and waving to all the people. I had shrimp for dinner.

Lots to show and talk about but I have lots of time this week. I'm free everyday until three in the afternoon. This is a wierd place, I haven't been here as a tourist since 1975. Amazing the changes. It is beautiful though and the coast is just wonderful. I can't for us to rving around here.

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  1. I like Ensenada, we stay at Estero Beach, lot of good bird watching there.