Saturday, June 6, 2009

Then and Now - A Dog's Tale

As you might well remember, I found Friend on the road on her last days of life. The vet said she had about two days left and I decided to revive her. She was a mess, dehydrated, malnurished, mange and skin fungus.

We worked with her giving her mega doses of vitamins, high protein food, baths to eliminate the skin fungus every three days and little by little she came back to life. As you can see, she has a full coat now, her legs and tail were bare as well as her back and they are completely covered. She needs a good grooming now. But what breed is she? Does anybody know?

She's started to take on a life of her own. Friend has found her spot on the porch where she sleeps and eats but spends her days lounging around the front yard. I believe she has found a refuge from the bad life she had had before. Abused for sure, she is happy but very suspicious of what may come her way. When I took her picture today she didn't want to come out into the yard for fear of the camera and what I wanted to do.

When we come home though, and open the gate, she comes galloping towards us wagging her tail and smiling. She's so passive and sweet, never barks but on the one occasion when a dog came in the yard. She makes some funny sounds though when she's happy!

I like Friend and I'm glad she's happy here, at least I hope.


  1. Bless you for saving her and giving her a life of ease. She is beautiful but I can't tell you her breed. When asked what breed 2 of our dogs are I say "it's a very rare and expensive breed, Yucatan Beach Dog" In fact, we call them all our lotto winners, they won the dog lotto for sure and so did your 'friend'.

  2. Good for you Chris...
    I think it was Will Rogers that said "if they don't allow dogs in heaven, I don't want to go there"

  3. Wow she looks so great and I love her smile.Are those black dots on her,many possibilities there!Yes bless you.

  4. Shucks Chris, you missed a great chance to name this post "a dog's TAIL".

    Near where I camp every winter is a place called Fish Tale Flats.

    I believe it was originally named Fishtail Flats because of the symmetric curved peninsulas that look like a fish's tail, but some clever soul renamed after what goes on there most every night: listening to all those tall fish tales around the campfire.