Friday, November 23, 2012

We Took The Pharr Bridge

Old habits die hard and we decided it was time to kill one.  We changed from the Hidalgo bridge today and took the Pharr bridge.   Very easy and quick.   Only catch is the price.   It cost us 21 dollars to cross.  Way too much.  We recommend the bridge for first timers but we will go back to the Hidalgo bridge which charges us 6 dollars.  We have not yet taken the Anzalduas bridge from Mission which is like Pharr but it is reversed, by that I mean you will cross to Mexico and head east to the Hwy 40.  I will call this week to check toll charges.
As you approach the bridge coming down Cage St, pass the U.S. toll booth and grab you ankles (crude I know but . . . .).   This is an extremely long bridge and takes a few minutes to cross.   As you arrive to the Mexican side, there is an exit to the right which say trucks and express.  Don't take that.  Stay to your left.   As you enter the green light/red light area wait for your light.   Then, you will be directed to your far left which will take you to the rv inspection and Banjercito for your permits.  They guided us over when they saw us coming and removed the cones so we could enter.  Very easy.   They checked the rv and our importation papers and off we went.
Head straight, and follow the signs to Reynosa.  However, as you exit the Banjercito about 200 meters away, you will see a turn to the right that says Reynosa.  Don't take that, you'll end up going through town.  Keep heading straight.  A few kms down the road you will see an overpass,  stick to the right and exit right to Reynosa  Hwy 2(straight will take you to Rio Bravo).  The Hwy 2 is well-marked on the sign.  Take the "libramiento" for about 10 kms.   Stay right all the way taking the overpasses (this is legal as it is a truck route and the libramiento).   You will see signs that say Monterrey all along the route.  
As you approach the Hwy 40 interchange, on the right is a huge commercial shopping area that includes an SMart, Soriana, Coppel and other stores and over that you will see two hotels rising up behind it.  You are at the interchange.  Keep right and go over the overpass (last one you will go over), now head to your left.  As you come off of the overpass it will say "Centro de Abastos" and Monterrey.  Veer to your left and you will be heading under an overpass.   You are now free all the way to Monterrey, Saltillo and all points south.
We think this is a much better route and one I took in 2004 when I imported our first rv with Mexican plates.   However, I was alone and it was at night so I hardly remember the experience.  
You will pass many gas stations on the libramiento as well as Super 7 and OXXO convenience stores if you want a snack, coffee, or fuel.   All easy in and out as it is a truck route.
Now, go down to the post below and I will tell you about some interesting experiences we had today.


  1. Thanks Chris. For the extra $15 I think I can piddle through Reynosa. I will be interested in hearing about the tolls through on the Mission bridge, but I suspect they are similar.