Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Trip To Guadalajara

Kevin and Ruth took off for SMA this morning.  Ruth made a really wonderful lasagna for dinner last night.   Sherman sits here all by himself and he looks a bit lonesome.   Kind of wierd not seeing those guys when we came back from Guadalajara.
We took off around 9:30 after going to the gym.  The gym is a bit empty these days as it is the "season".   Lots of parties are taking place and there was one on the main street last night.   We saw the remains this morning.  I asked one of the guys in the gym why it was so empty and he said it was because most kids are finishing classes, univerities are out of session until the new year and it is pretty much party time.   I knew the reason but I was making conversation.
Our neighbor Don wanted to do some stuff in Guadalajara today and we were invited to tag along.   It was a fun ride, albeit slow.   Funny, I hardly ever get a chance to sit in the back seat and take in the scenery.  It was a very nice drive and we talked about all kinds things from politics to food.
Anyone wanting to go to Guadalajara from the rv park here in Valle de Juarez just needs to follow the signs.   We drove straight into Zapopan and first thing we see is a giant Mega grocery store which is located across from the San Jose del Tajo Rv Park.   We stayed there last year for about two weeks. 
Next to the Mega is a CostCo where we bought some vitamins and Don stocked up on wines and other goodies.   Then it was off to the Walmart, Office Depot where Don picked up some printer cartridges and then we turned around and went to the FedEx office to pick up a blank waybill for an shipment he wanted to make.
Heading back home we bought some berries on the side of the road and I did a little work on the computer while Juan and Don conversed.  By the time we got back to the park it was time for a quick nap and happy hour.  We finished the evening with a fantastic veggie and pasta salad and watched a movie called "The Conflict".

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