Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Mezcal Run
Sal and Barb planned a trip up to the where they produce mezcal.  Before that though, we headed out to the local market in Valle de Juarez.   As you can see the first stop was at our friend's stand where she makes green corn tortillas.  We ordered a taco to eat there in the market.  She hands you the tortilla on a plate and you serve yourself.  I had beans, eggs in salsa and a piece of cheese.   Yummy.  Then we ordered two quesadillas with chorizo for our lunch at the mezcal place.

The farm where we went isn't really very far from the rv park.   It took us about 20 minutes to drive there.   We did go up a few hundred feet but then back down a bit into the valley.  The scenery is fantastic.   Amazing how peaceful life is here in central Mexico.  People pass the days without any stress or worries.  One of the sons had just returned from eight months in Chicago.  He told me he prefers Mexico much more than the U.S.  I can see why.  There is work to be done but there seems to be no pressure and things get done when they get done.

The production is based on fermentation.  In one of the small buildings you can see the magay after it has been ground up.  It sits in tile covered pits where it ferments and the precious liquid is sent down stream a bit where it continues to work.

Like a kid in a candy store you can see by the look on my face I was excited about getting a sample of that wonderful juice.   You bring your own bottle and they will sell any quantity.  We bought a gallon and an additional liter.  The price is very good and having a gallon of it around will be a great treat for guests at home and here in the rv park should Sal set up another campfire while we are here

We had a good tour of the mezcal production, Sal and Barb brought some really good cheese to go with the liquor and we had a pretty good time there.  After, Jesus our guide, invited us to his cabin further up the mountains where we looked at the gorgeous views and had our lunch.  I asked Jesus if he would be interested in renting the cabin for a few weeks this summer.  What great place to string up a hammock and watch the world go by.   My kind of place.
 We got up early this morning to bid farewell to Jerry, Paula, Ken, Kris, Bill and Gail.  They took off in a taxi headed for the bus station in Sahguayo where they will hitch a ride to Mexico City for four days.   We have a great group of people here in Hacienda Contreras and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.