Monday, October 12, 2015

I've Got It - Bad!

All this talk about heading south for the winter has literally got me on edge!  I've got the itch and I've got it bad.  My sister in Reno, who probably never reads the blog but is an avid rver along with my BIL, sent me this message:

If you don't hurry up and get that house sold and get ready to "hit the road", I'll be too old to go with you.  I may even permanently be in my rocking chair if you wait too long.

I've got the solar issue fixed and I am working on some other stuff.   When you work for yourself the checks don't come every fifteen days, sometimes it can take 90 days and in Mexico it may not be negotiable and I want that to do some mods on the rv.

The tile roof is back in place and looking good now I just need to get the spare bedroom painted.  Ruth and Kevin will be here soon and we want them to be happy while they're here.

While they were finishing the roof on Saturday I we went to the movies.  I don't like to be at home and have strangers around.   We headed to Esfera which is a sustainable community complete with shopping mall, supermarket, condominiums, gym, offices and a school will also be built so that no one has to leave the grounds.   The interesting part was that there are electric car charging stations in the underground parking not to mention red and green LEDs over each parking spot to make it faster and easier to park your car.  Wow, what next?

We saw the movie Martian.  Because the place in opening tickets are 40 pesos each.   I've never been to a VIP theater although we have had them for years.   There are faux leather recliners with tables, cup holders as well as foot rests.  You can't see or hear the people sitting in front of you.  

As for the movie, it was typical Hollywood.  Hokey to say the least and don't forget parts that are just plain corny.  Towards the end of the movie it shows the Americans in one shot giving a huge hurray for the success of the journey and then the Chinese who helped them doing the same thing.  What was the difference?  The Americans were waving American flags and the Chinese didn't have any flags to wave.  Why weren't the Chinese waving their flag as well, after all in the movie the expedition wouldn't have been successful without them?

The last part was that they refer to the United States as America.  America is a continent made up of 22 countries.   Sorry, but if you live in a country on the American continent it leaves a bone of contention to those peoples.


  1. Where did you take the picture for your heading? That bridge is amazing.

    Saludos and happy adventuring!

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we just a post about the evils of the Blogger/Blogspot commenting system.

    1. Hey Kim, that's the Baluarte Bridge on the way from Durango to Mazatlan. The highest bridge in the Americas with a system of high tech tunnels designed to detour the famous Espinazo del Diablo (Devil's Backbone)

    2. I've heard of that bridge, and it appears to be something of an engineering miracle, not to mention beautiful. In fact I've even considered driving that highway just to see that bridge.

      Have you ever seen the TV series, "Los Heroes del Norte?" There's a scene in one of them where the band members find themselves on that bridge, presumably just before it opened. And ever since I've been kind of fascinated with it.


      Kim G