Sunday, October 25, 2015

They Left Us With A Hurricane

Too much has happened this week but I'll try and get it all on paper.  As Ruth and Kevin were arriving I was leaving for the border.  I had an event in Roma, Tx and I took off about noon.  Those guys arrived in time for happy hour.   I missed the first night.  As luck would have it, my event was cancelled one day before.   The owner of the company I represent was in McAllen and invited me for dinner.  No problem, I spent the night and did some early morning shopping before heading back home.  All expenses paid plus a cancellation fee.  First time a school has cancelled in my fourth year.  They just couldn't get the money together in time.  

Bustamante, one of the small towns on Hwy 1 come out of the Colombia bridge.  They have a fantastic cave system that is world class.  They also sell pan de Bustamante.  Famous for bread making and sweet treats.   From the bridge down to Monterrey there are five small towns that offer great boondocking and one state park with electric and public restrooms.

I did the usual purchases of shave cream, deodorant and gel.  I also stopped by Goodings Rv and got a latch for the screen door which was broken earlier this year by a guest and an LP hose for the new Weber grill which came in very handy this week.

Excited to get home I made it in record time.  The border was the usual bore as I have never seen any action that is  supposed to be a daily event according to some people and social networks.  Oh well, for the better I guess.

Came home and we put a beautiful chicken Ruth had bought at Soriana.   It was our first grill on the Weber and it was amazing.  I can't believe we waited so long to get one.  We've eyed one for years but we just don't cookout.   Weird, I know considering we live in Mexico.   I mean yes, we grill when family is here or the monthly rib eye but it's a pain in the butt for two steaks.  Not anymore!!!!   I attached the hose to the tank on the rv and it started right up (after Kevin turned on the tank valve).  

Nothing to show from the ribeye dinner but Kevin did a great job grilling.

We spent a pleasant week with those guys.  They are great house guests and know their way around the house and town.   I dropped them off at the river walk downtown on Wednesday and they posted some wonderful pictures on their blog.  I never understand why people pass up the border states.  You have to go through them anyway.   I've had people tell me they "beat feet" across the border.  We have mountains, rivers, waterfalls, grutas or caves that have cable cars to get you there and best tour guides in the world.  Truly first class.  If you come across Colombia, you just head straight into Nuevo Leon on Hwy 1.  You pass small colonial towns with lots to offer.  

So they left Friday morning and they also left Hurricane Patricia.  She did wreak some havoc on the coast, Guadalajara had record flooding and got some light rain all day Saturday.   This morning was sunny and cool and dry.   Texas has been hit hard by the flooding though save our house in San Antonio with no water damage.

Still debating about Christmas though.  We're kind of set on Mazatlan but in the poll process someone said it's too bad that the noseeums come out at sunrise and sunset.  That's the part we don't like and is stuck in my head.   We'll see what happens.  Gas is still cheap in the U.S. so that is another possibility.  Decisions. 


  1. We will be at Stone Island the month of Dec leaving Jan 1. We too are not fans of no-see-ums so we have done everything we can to prepare ourselves. Bought every type of spray & lotion that is suppose to be effective and one is natural. Even bought no-see-um suits at Walmart that are made of no-see-um screen. We will wear them, the heck with what anyone thinks or what we look like (mainly the pants). Also replaced the screens on the motorhome with no-see-um screen material. We are determined to beat them for the month. Also sprayed our outside carpet with Home Defense which is also suppose to be effective for a year. We will deal with the chemicals for a month to make it a successful trip. Hope to see you there, will have an extra kayak with us & our bikes (bring yours). Just as a side note we had to deal with no-see-ums here in AZ this summer because of the above normal moisture.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. Here is the link to the noseeum suits, cheap. Very very seldom have have had them in the morning. Just at sunset and for a very short period of time. On the Isla once the sun sets the wind usually stops and then comes from behind the RV park and the bugs are out during that switch of direction. However we have also had evenings with no bugs.

    So glad that Patricia did as little damage as she did. It could have been horrific.

    Don't forget the flying lanterns :)