Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mazatlan - Friday

Main Plaza in Mazatlan

Tres Amigos Rv 2 from our hotel (heavy fog)

Last night we went to an evening of jazz at El Velero restaurant here on the beach at the Isla.  We went fashionable late although we had walked through the place (a giant palapa) about an hour earlier on our return from a walk around a good part of Isla.   We waved going through without stopping because we were pretty sweaty and stinky.   We headed back to the hotel along the beach and ran into Contessa and Colin.   They were ready to party and said we take a quick shower and head back.

Quite a few rvers showed up so it was great saying hi to many we haven't seen since last year and to meet a few that were from past years or simply visiting rving friends.  We had a wonderful dinner.   I ordered the best shrimp quesadillas ever that came with rice and beans wonderfully served with lots of fresh chopped pico de gallo.  

I hadn't had a vodka for a couple of days (yeah, what's that all about) so the two that I had there were not only well-served but cold and inviting.   We hung out and after dinner headed back down the beach.   Stopping in for a night cap at Contessa and Colin's made for a great close to the evening.  

The hotel had told us that the wifi was only available from the lobby and the pool area.  We've had an excellent signal from our room with the exception of a few minutes this afternoon.

Tonight (Saturday), is the big get together at RV1 at Contessa and Colin's site.  Lots of sharing, drinking and eating will take place.  Today was fun.  We walked up to the lighthouse for our exercise.   Record time for us of 12.5 minutes up which is half the recommended time.  We had a taco after we came down from a street vendor that is located across the street from the lighthouse in front of the secondary school.  Fantastic!   Off on the bus to go to the market where first checked out the cakes at La Panamá bakery across the street before heading in for a shrimp burger.   We split a burger and a quesadilla.   Again, Toni´s shrimp burgers are the best. 

Off to the party!!


  1. I'm getting caught up... again. Will you be heading down our way? Sure would be great to see y'all again!

  2. Tony's shrimp burgers are the best of the best. So glad you are here having fun with us.

  3. Looks like you are both getting in lots of socializing and exercise. We loved our hike up to the lighthouse a few years ago with you both. Such great views from up there. Nice to see you having a good time. Say hi to Colin and Contessa for us.