Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mazatlan - The Rest of the Story

Here we went and came back from Mazatlan but I never finished the story.  It was great and a great time had by all.   The big get together at Contessa and Colin's was a big blow out.  The food was served potluck and everyone brought a dish that was not only attractive but very delicious too.   We started out with  a delicious smoked marlin and cheddar cheese hors d' oeuvre.   The place was packed and it was just lots of great conversation all night.  I didn't get to make the rounds as I should have but sharing ideas, laughs and a few guffaws were heard throughout the night.

Birthday Boy!

Juan and Colin setting off a lantern to light the night! 

Another pic of our hotel Maria Coral.  I just got a price update and it is still available for $30 u.S. per night.  It's a real deal, right on the beach, with pool and wonderful restaurant.

Sunday we went to a show at the Angela Peralta City Theater.   They have a series of shows including opera, symphony, and singers.  This was an a cappella group who sang and performed for over an hour.  They're young, dynamic and have a wide range of pieces that they do in both Spanish and English.  The best part was the Negro spirituals.  Fantastic.  We were a bit leery about the show at 300 pesos a piece.   Way too cheap for what these guys can do.

After the show we walked through the Plaza Machado and found a wonderful restaurant for lunch.   I really chowed down.   The company (Colin, Contessa, Juan) was the best along with the conversation.  We ordered a pizza that I thought was the best.  A wonderful homemade crust.

Monday morning we lazed around before heading to the airport.  Colin and Contessa gave us a ride.  We took the newly paved road to the airport.   There is a discussion on about whether it is really paved all the way to the park.  The road, eight miles (?) is paved with one small part at the beginning where the golf course is.  Granted, once you get to the area of the Isla where people live, there are sandy streets but they do not inhibit rv travel.   So for me, the road to the Isla is paved.

We got to the airport, said our goodbyes and off we went.  Or we thought so.  Our flight had been delayed two hours.  We headed to a restaurant and had a very pricey lunch while we played with the internet.

It was great to see almost everyone while we were there at the rv parks.   Wish we could have stayed longer and for what we paid we may just do it again.


  1. Nice to see you had a great time. Happy birthday Juan! C&C treated you well, like good friends always will.

  2. So glad that you had a great time! Happy Birthday to Juan. :-)