Monday, May 15, 2017

Most People Are Pigs And Other Things

My meat for the month of May celebrating Teacher's Day!  We also had a great salchicha along with the burger and the bun was a wonderfully fresh baked margarita.   Delicious.

We sat out on the porch after a swim and watched the burgers cook.   Lots of fun and very relaxing.

As I mentioned, we are enjoying the last of three-day weekends in the month of May.  It's been great.  Two rv outings and this weekend was pure relaxation.  The heat is coming and it's been 35C to 37C so taking the rv out was kind of silly when we have a pool in our backyard.   

We did some odds and ends around the quinta; yardwork, laundry, grocery shopping and a to do list for the rv.   I saw a really cool makeover of a van dweller.  She built overhead cabinets but the doors have picture frames with artwork in them.  What a cool way to add art to the rv.  Hanging things on the walls always brings up certain issues like drilling holes, tearing the paper on  the luan board, etc.   Personally, we haven't done it.  It always seems to be an issue when you decide to sell.  The artwork might be the trick though for our photographs we have collected from our trip.

When the gym is closed, like the last two days, I go for my morning 8 km walks.   Sometimes I take different routes and sometimes I stick to the highway with its series of walking bridges, five in total.  Like today I stuck to the highway.  I was out at 7:30 a.m. and there was literally no traffic (holiday).  As I pass a bridge I go over the bridge to the other side and keeping walking to the next one and switch back.  I do that three times around and that gives me the eight kilometers.  

It embarrasses and pains me to post these pictures but it's the awful truth and those who are Mexiphiles know the reality. 

This pile was left by a group of men who sell birds that are probably exotics and mistreated.  They stand on the corner and eat and drink (discretely) and throw their sh#$ on the ground.  Pigs.

These three-day weekends really bring out the tourists and with them their trash.   I don't think we will ever get the idea of putting trash where it belongs.  For a Mexican guy, it's a macho thing.   Only a sissy would walk over to a trash can and to dispose of their trash.  In fact, this morning as I was just getting on my route, a car with three guys passed me on the lateral.  As they made a right turn down the road that goes behind the lake, the guy in the back seat threw his candy wrapper out the window.  I was steamed.   We have litter drives at schools, we have Art, Civics and English projects about the environment and the kids still do it and sometimes at school right in front of me.  I ask them to pick it up and the first thing they say is, "it's not mine".  "Well, pick it up anyway".   "Why?"  "Because I said so, it's the civic thing to do.  Remember the value for the month, respect?"   If there is one thing I don't like about Mexico it's the litter.  

Okay, I'm done.


  1. Yep, I know what you are talking about Chris. It always pains us too, when we see the litter scattered everywhere. The worst is when you see it all dumped at the "No Tire Basura" sign. :-(

    We have learnt from our travels though, that Mexico isn't the only country with this problem.

  2. The same problem on Crete, Greece. Mostly plastic water bottles bobbing along the water front. Crap everywhere. I was told that in Mexico trash cans just get stolen, so there's no point putting them out...

  3. Been to Mexico several times...some areas are clean, mostly the tourist section, and local areas that are not tourist areas are trashed. I see a few foreign business sections clean but not the neighborhoods. It is sad. Here is USA we too have litters scattered in poor neighborhoods...luckily we have street cleaners but the next day it's the same. People don't take pride in their community and their homes. My mom had a Hogan on the Navajo reservation but she kept the area clean of debris and she hated broken glass...she buried those in a deep pit.

  4. Ruth is right; this problem exists in other countries, too. In the US, not so much in city districts because there is a camera on just about every street corner and police now liberally pass out litter tickets when they are walking their police beat. However, in rural US, litter all along back roads. A few years back, I watched a guy in a car in front of me on a rural road throw out his McDonald's bag trash; I stopped and picked it up and then continued on to my brother's house; the same car pulled into the driveway of a house before my destination; I stopped, handed him the bag, and said I think you lost something along the road! He did not seem embarrassed at all.

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  6. Last year I met a Mexican lady, not a local but a tourist to the Isla. She was picking up garbage as she walked as we were and she stopped and apologized to me for how her countrymen were treating the beach. Don't give up hope, one day it might change