Sunday, May 28, 2017

The New Palapa and The Pension

The new palapa got underway just after the pool was re-grouted.   Still a couple things to do like the cool deck cover.   We had a slow start because of rain, then the guy couldn't come because of another job he was finishing.   Then the weekend, Saturday's in Mexico are only until noon and they usually don't show up for work until 9:30.  Then Monday rolls around.  It's better known as San Lunes, Holy Monday.  No construction worker reports on Monday and then Tuesday they come late.

Anyway, it's under way and the main frame is finished.  It's all steel construction with the faux clay tile roof made out of sheets of metal that are made to look like tiles.  They last forever.  Even though the posts are simple, they will soon be enclosed with sheet rock to match the columns in the front of the house and a ceiling inside the palapa.   The extension that covers part of the grass will have a slab poured and the floor tiled.  It will look nice when done.   

I forgot to post that I went to make some changes to my Mexican pension.  We have a system similar to the U.S. based on weeks worked, age, and income.  The last five years are the most important in terms of income.  We also have Afores which is similar to the 401K.   We can make additional deposits but without any limit as long as we can prove the origin of the money.  So if you sell a piece of property you can deposit a portion of that money to increase your lifetime benefit.  There was a change in the registration back in the early 90s.  I already had my SS# here but never tied the new registration to my account.   Two weeks ago I made an appointment on line, took the required paperwork and made the updates to my account.  All done.  Next week I will be able to continue my personal contributions and work on a plan.  They have counselors who will help you.  I'm finally on my way.  My U.S. account is growing with my work in the SAT/ACT test program.   I have to wait two more years for that check.

The poll will continue on the laboratory test costs.   I will reveal the winner in the next three weeks.  Yes, there is a small prize for the winner who posts a comment with a dollar amount.  The person with the closest amount wins the prize.  


  1. How about $50 ?! I know it's so much less than NOB.


  2. I guessed at "Under $198 (US)" but I think it is quite a bit under $198, maybe closer to $31 US. Hope I win the prize! Maybe a free year's reading of your Blog? That would be good! :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the completed palapa.

  4. I'm going to say the blood work cost around $42.00. Maybe as much as $48.00 but I doubt it. Here is San Miguel there is a 20% discount at some labs if you go on Mondays or Thursdays, so my guess is before discount if there was one.