Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wow! I´ve Been Called Out By A Blogger


And the blogger even used my full name!  Isn´t that great! You can read her blog post attacking me here:

I call em´ as I see em´.  However, you´ll to read the complete blog posts to understand my comments that she misquotes.  Turns out that others who have met her on the Isla seem to find her in the same light as I do.  

I just find her take on Mexico to be typical ex-pat and undermines Mexicans and their culture.  I have never been blocked from someone´s blog before.  Never knew someone could be so hateful.

My name will go down in infamy!

You be the judge!


  1. Don't let it bother you Chris, it just isn't worth it. People that know you will understand what you were trying to say. I do agree that putting your name out there like that just isn't right!

  2. In using your name she threw blogger protocol out the window and showed her true colors. The problem with people with no class is... they have no class. I can't imagine someone so crass will ever "fit" in Mexico.

  3. I was attacked for several posts, by name, by a blogger in Patzcuaro many years ago who I thought of as a friend. It was hurtful, untrue and unnecessary. As my Mom used to say, "Just consider the source". I don't know how to block someone but had I known I would have blocked this person. Ironically, in the last month or so, he has written to me in civil and friendly terms.

  4. Lets be honest. We all know your life will never be the same.

    1. Not sure I capture the essence of your post although I think you meant it with sarcasm! Life couldn't be better!