Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Finally! Hitting The Road


The time has finally come!  This weekend we are headed to Ciudad Victoria for a folkloric dance competition.  Juan and his partner, Irma, will be dancing in the "senior" division.  I will be there for moral support, costume changes and video recording.  We will spend two nights in the host hotel.

Then next Thursday we head our way down to San Miguel de Allende.  We have another housesitting job, someone new.  We will get a chance to visit our friend Barbara and her precious furdaughter Pea.  We will take the route south around Ciudad Victoria, spend the first night in Juamave  (how mauve eh), Tamaulipas.  From there we have a couple of days to arrive at the rv park in San Ramon where we will store the rv for the week.  

I posted on the SMA forum that we are available for more house sits.  We lost a good one outside of Pátzcuaro but that's how it works out.  I feel bad because our friends at the horse ranch, Marti and Toñio invited us back but that was when we were planning on New Mexico.  All that has changed now and as it turns out we need to be back around the end of the first week of January.  We loved the ranch and the horses but the dogs were our favorite.  

So our route will be much different than any we have taken before to SMA.  A little apprehensive this time around with the new changes in the government and their approach to security.  In 19 years rving, we have never had an incident.  Always good to make a change anyway and boondock in new territory.

We are going to Laredo, Tx tomorrow to pick up some stuff we ordered.  They could have sent it here but it would cost $100 U.S.  I ordered a porcelain toilet for the rv.  We don't have any luxuries on board so that is one thing we always wanted.  Easier to clean, higher seat, more stable.  We also ordered a table lamp for the side of the rv bed that has USB ports and 110.  The electrician is coming next week and I am so interested in getting a transfer switch so our outlets are live with 12V.  

So get this.  We only buy two things from Costco and it is worth the membership.  Vitamins and once a month, a slice of their excellent pizza for $1.99 U,S.  The membership is worth it.  Laredo, Tx has a greater population than the Rio Grande Valley.  McAllen has a Costco and Laredo doesn't.  What does Laredo have though?  A Costco distribution center.  Now figure that one out. 


  1. Sounds like you are moving right along and keeps bust , have fun house sitting.

  2. Sounds like an interesting next few months. Is that the house sit in SMA that I sent you?

    1. We didn't accept it. We now have two lined up for November. Trusted Housesitters doesn't work for us, they charge for you to join the website.

  3. I can't wait! And when we go to HEB we can go to Costco if
    you want - they're literally minutes from each other. Safe travels and let me know the minute you're in town! :)