Saturday, October 10, 2020

Mexico Got Caught In A Lie

Being at home we have taken to cleaning out closets and storage sheds.  One thing I've been carrying around in my little VW is pet supplies such as pet carriers, cat baskets and beds, medicines, and unopened dry food and cans of wet food for both dogs and cats.  We won't be having pets anytime soon again so we drove to a cattery downtown and donated all of the items including some extras such as cat litter.  What an eye-opener.  This woman has 22 cats at home, has neutered 190 cats this year so far, has over 30 cats in the cattery that are having some type of surgery or treatment while they are awaiting new homes.  She says she does pretty good with adoptions as people are more conscious.  A good thing to hear.  The best part of the visit was getting to play with the cats for a while.  I told her to call us if she had someone looking for a pet sitter. 

Mexico is now over 80,000 dead and it turns out that not all COVID deaths were reported.  The Mexican health department is now changing its methodology for counting deaths.   Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mexico has asked people to stay home if they were sick and they would send someone to come see them.  That rarely happened so many people died at home and because they weren't tested for the virus, their deaths were recorded as some other illness such as respiratory failure, pneumonia, heart failure, etc.  

When you die in your home in Mexico you need two things; a doctor and ministerial police.  The doctor writes the death certificate and the ministerial police confirm that there was no foul play.  There is no official testing unless the family wishes to have an autopsy which you have to pay for at a private hospital.   The question now becomes, How many people have died at home from COVID but we'll never know?  Estimates are another 20,000 from health officials, epidemiologists and virologists.   That would take us over 100,000 multiplied by 3X our rate would be higher than in the United States.

The talk now is that if you can't cross the border from Canada, you can fly into the U.S., rent a car, and then go come to Mexico.  For cryin' outloud, it's just one winter season.  Enjoy a few cold winter rv trips like Slim Potatohead on YouTube.  That guy gets a kick out of rving in the sonw at -20C.  

Other than that the weather is going crazy.  We've had two delicious cold fronts and now we are entering temps of 36C for the next week.  The trees are going nuts dropping leaves and then budding again and drying up.  We are now beating the record here for the lowest humidity ever.  The air is so dry you wouldn't know it's 36C and the nights are down to 13C.

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  1. Interesting post on all points. Robin's dream would be to have property large enough to take in dogs, especially old ones like a hospice.