Friday, October 23, 2020

Who Moved Mexico's Cheese?

"We're not interested in private enterprise, public enterprise is our interest.  The ones that should receive the most attention are public enterprises because we are public servants".

Where are we headed as a country?  Nationalization and possible dictatorship.  The above statement refers to the president's main interest, PEMEX.  He is going to pour more and more money into the dying oil industry as he doesn't believe in sustainable energy.  Also, he wants private initiatives out of energy production so that he may have complete control of the CFE electric company.  

Now on to the cheese.  As I mentioned the other day, Mexico's BBB ( PROFECO) played a major crackdown on the Mexican dairy industry removing and destroying millions of pounds of cheese, yogurts, and processed meats.  According to their studies, the products did not meet government standards such as; ingredients, labeling and additives.  Less than 48 hours, most of the decision was reversed as major dairy producers proved that their products met government standards.  One case in particular, Leche Lala, you may know the milk products.  The name Lala comes from the area of production in Mexico, "La" Camarca "La"gunera, which is in the area of Torreon, Coahuila.  Their cheese was removed for not stating the country of origin on the label although it did have city and state, an error that did not deserve to have their products removed from the shelf and destroyed.

This chart represents COVID deaths in Mexico.  Today we are at 88,000 deaths and according to the forecast below, we will hit 90,000 this weekend.  What will it be by the end of December?  This chart doesn't include those that died at home and received no official autopsy so according to six ex-secretaries of health in Mexico, we can easily add another 18,000 to 50,000 deaths.  People say deaths due to influenza are higher.  B.S. In the U.S. last year there were 36,000 deaths from influenza and in Mexico only 848.  That's a low number for Mexico, but that's what happens when you don't do proper reporting.

COVID cases are picking up as we are in our second wave.  Eight states have now changed to "red" again.  People just aren't getting it.  Rvers from the U.S. are planning their trips saying that Mexico needs tourism.  Mexico, like any other country, always needs business but we don't need people bringing more of the virus or vice versa.

I'm not against people coming to Mexico but now is not the time.   As much as I love rving and boondocking in Mexico, rving contributes very little to the Mexican economy.  The two major expenses are gasoline and rv parks.   Rv parks don't employ many folks and 41% of the money we spend on fuel goes right back to the broken down PEMEX oil company to keep it afloat.  Other than that, groceries are cheap and many rvers now shop at Costco and other big box stores.

I'd say the majority come here for the weather and the cheap.  Especially if you are boondocking very little money trickles down into the economy.  Many rvers bring their food and booze into the country as they can't find those relished treats such as cheddar cheese.  Some people literally bring so much that they can't make ice in their freezers and only purchase a few veggies here and there. 

I know this sounds negative, but it is better, to tell the truth than to be all cheery and happy that people are coming.  It's just not a good year and people just seem to not give a shit.  It's as if life is all about them.  Imagine if we all stayed home just for a couple of months.  If you want to help Mexicans, stay home, stay safe and wear a mask

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  1. I wanted to go out on my little balcony and scream to the masses...."For the love of God, listen to Chris and stay home!!" Good grief, we couldn't agree more. Why is this SO very hard for people to just sit it out for a year/season. It boggles the mind why everyone isn't just staying home. I believe it goes down to pure selfishness and an entitled attitude. We love the sun and warmth too but we love life more! Canada is a pretty awesome place to live. We will just turn up the heat (ha ha) and enjoy our winter here. Stay well!!