Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Not So Latest News

It is hard to believe that I haven't made a blog post in almost a month.  A lot has been going on, running around, copies, papers, and mostly in wait mode.  My IMSS social security is just about ten days away.  I keep saying it will happen when it happens.  There always seems to be glitches in these things but they just requested my bank account information so it must be going well.  I read a lot about ex-pats in Mexico and the complaints about government, papers, and never getting things resolved.  Things do run slower here but they do get done.   If you want things done, move to a more progressive less bureaucratic country.  

The weather here has not let up and it appears most of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico are all suffering from the drought and the severe heat.  Water is still an issue here in Monterrey.  31 office and condo towers under construction and about completed have come to a halt.  There won't be enough pressure for some months, maybe eight, to make it to the upper floors.  Tinacos, those big plastic storage containers on rooftops are barely getting enough water, and pressure to the water network is so low it is only a trickle.  10 days ago our well started bringing up cloudy water.  We had two decent rains and the water returned to normal.  Hopefully, a cyclone in the lower Gulf of Mexico will bring the much-needed rain this week.
Our electric bills for 2022 and 2020.  We used a little over 50Kwh extra than in 2020 and we were gone for two weeks to San Miguel de Allende.  I have a friend in Phoenix who has two central A/C units in her house and her bill one July a few years ago was $650 USD.  I'll never complain although I wish we weren't so restricted on usage.  

Juan is just about at 100% recovery and still has some shoulder pain and issues but those come and go.  His next appointment is in October and we expect it to be a stellar report.  He is losing some weight now as he gained some during his weeks off and out of work.  He too should be getting his retirement in the next couple of weeks.  Funny how vicious people are.  People he has worked with over the years and may or may not have gotten along with have done things to keep his process from going ahead.  But, we're past that now and things look good.  Ah, the joys of working in the government.  

We've had a stray dog living under an old trailer in the empty lot next door for about two months.  He must have had an owner but the signs I put up have not brought any takers.  We feed him twice a day.  He's very playful and has some obedience training.  He sits when asked but he is always so hungry that he has difficulty waiting for his food.  I keep it in a ziplock bag inside the gate hidden away.  One day I went to give him water and he snuck around me, grabbed the bag and took off.  I called for him to stop and he dropped the bag.  He's a very good dog but too big for us plus the fact we couldn't keep with future travel plans.

In SMA the panic is over the rise in crime and lots of false and exaggerated stories are being posted on the Snivel List as well as FB groups.  Ex-pats and I am one of them, find the strangest things to pursue.  Do you remember the craze over cheddar cheese and Pillsbury biscuits?  Well, the new one in the last two months is russet potatoes.  Rush to the famous La Comer because they have them!  For me, a potato is a potato, it's how you cook it and dress it.  Here's a sample:

All of Mexico to savor and enjoy and they make such a big deal out of a potato.  I guess you could call it a potato war :)

We're pretty much in a holding pattern right now and I'm not letting it get me down.  Got to do what we've got to do.  The RV looks pretty sad under the cover but I go out there and check on the batteries and play around.  OTOH, too frickin' hot anywhere around these parts to want to go boondocking.  Let's hope the weather changes and the rains come.


  1. Oh my. My nearest grocery (2 blocks away), a Texas based chain grocery, small. hasn't had a 2 pound sack of russets in about a month. I have no clue. Don't much care. But it's odd.

  2. Couldn't help it. Looked up the potato problem. Idaho weather, going back a while, is the cause....they expect to start shipping the first week of September. So eventually even SMA should have some. Ha.