Monday, July 25, 2022

Presa Peñuelitas Near Dolores Hidalgo

We took some time off before heading home to explore areas around San Miguel de Allende.  I started my search online and asked some local Mexicans we know.   SMA and the surrounding areas are safe for the most part but as you venture into the areas of Comonfort and Celaya along with the mountains around Santa Rosa de Lima are pretty much off limits.  The abrazos don't seem to be having an effect on the balazos and more and more municipal police in smaller towns are being killed by organized crime members in addition to innocent bystanders.  

The map around the Dolores Hidalgo area shows some very good sites to visit but it is always wise to check before going especially if you are not sure if you are on private or public lands.  

On Friday we took off for Presa Peñuelitas which is about 20 minutes east of Dolores.  A beautiful lake known by local fishermen and on holidays prepared and sold to visitors.  It is a very clean place, 98% free of any trash or debris.  The water is clear and fresh and the herons and egrets love it there.  We passed through the small town of Adjuntos del Rio.  The streets are empedrada with small concrete strips for the tire paths.  Most of the townspeople are carpenters and woodworkers using the local mesquite trees for making furniture.  

This young fellow is doing much better and continues his recovery.  He needs to return to his exercise routine which he is doing slowly.  He has a day once in a while when fatigue sets in but the neurologist says it will take some time for the symptoms to go away.  All in all, he's as good as new.

There is a church just 150 meters from the shore.  It was built with money donated by a local woman.  I'm trying to find out who she is.  The church was erected in 1943.  The doors were locked but I know we will be back and find a local or the cura to open the doors for us.  

We walked for a bit.  You can drive around most of the lake but we walked as much as Juan could before turning back.  I would like to do the walk or hike early one morning and go all the way around.  We stopped in the small town a couple of times to look at furniture and also to buy some closet door handles.  They were very expensive in SMA and Home Depot in Queretaro but it was a fluke.  12 pesos a piece versus 105 pesos.  

As we approached the woodworking shops, people nearby would come out and stand on the sidewalk watching us.  They weren't very nonchalant and quite obvious using their phones to send text messages. As we ventured on, we noticed the number "13" written on walls in many places.  They were all very friendly and eager to sell their furniture.  It was a bit strange though.  

Getting closer to San Miguel de Allende we were wanting a snack.  We remembered that Don Ciro's was nearby and we pulled in for a quick bite.  The first picture is a quesadilla with longaniza, a type of sausage.  It was the best.  The second picture is a volcan, a type of tostada with chicharron and salsa verde with beans and cheese on top.

Back home we prepared for our trip back to Monterrey on Sunday.  We had a great evening watching the movie "Radio".  A real tearjerker from the get-go.  We left Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. and headed for home.  You could feel the temperatures rise as we passed Matehuala and even more so on our side of the mountains in Nuevo Leon.

The highway from Dolores Hidalgo to San Luis de la Paz and Hwy 57 are in excellent condition.

Getting ready to climb up the mountains from San Roberto, NL to Galeana.  It cooled off quickly.

Not quite in order, this is a shot of  Real de Catorce as we passed by Matehuala.

The valley of Las Delicias taken from the curvy pass from Galeana to Iturbide.

Made it home safe and sound.  It was a fun ride home.  As Juan napped off and on I had my earbuds in listening to TedTalks and enjoying the scenery.

P.S.  We've booked an Airbnb in Oaxaca at Christmas for the Radish Festival!


  1. Thanks for the road trip. I remember it from 40 years ago. Not quite the same road though.

  2. I'm the anonymous. I keep forgetting to check Google account to post.

  3. Glad to see you out and about and that Juan is on the mend.😊