Saturday, December 3, 2022

First Happy Hour At The New House - And Good News!

Since my last post, we have returned back to Monterrey.  It was a busy week with rvers and traveling to Matehuala and San Miguel de Allende.  

We received the furniture we had ordered along with some other odds and ends we brought.  With rvers in town, we invited everyone for a happy hour.  It was a success and a chance for friends to see the house.  

The king-size bed we ordered came with two twin bases.  Those went up the stairs easily.  The delivery guys said they wouldn't bend the mattress as it could void the warranty should something happen.  So with thick ropes in tow, they hoisted it up from the patio and onto the roof.  From there, it went down the stairs easily.  They were relieved and we were happy.   It does fit in the bedroom with a little room to spare but not by much.  We are now ready to have guests when we are in town.

Some other good news as well.  This week I received my Mexican social security pension.  With it came four months of retroactive pay and a one-month Christmas bonus!  All the paperwork snafus this year and the additional payments I made for four years to increase my benefit have paid off.  I can say that I am fully retired with two pensions, Medicare and IMSS medical as well.  I believe it is time to celebrate a little.  

OTOH, Juan should be in the same position come the middle of January.  He was off of work with a permit for two months which we took advantage of but has to return to school until December 16th.  There are no classes so they sit around and use the internet and prepare semester grades.  

We are so looking forward to our trip to Oaxaca.  We had planned on driving to avoid the use of the military airport outside Mexico City.  We were lucky though and changed our departure and return dates by one day.  With that, we were able to find non-stop round-trip tickets.  I can see the trip to Spain slowly materializing.   We'll need backpacks and some other items for that trip and what better time to prepare for that than now.


  1. Well, OK then! You sound to be in good shape for the moment and the holidays to come. Enjoy.

  2. Nice... sounds like it's slowly coming together. Two pensions... soon you'll be on the same level as Croft!