Sunday, November 27, 2022

Happy Birthday! In Memory Of Tioga and George!

"Tioga & George travel the roads of the west searching for adventure"

Today, November 27th would have been George's 85th birthday.  He was the greatest boondocker ever.  If I hadn't stumbled across his blog we would have missed out on so much.  He hardly missed a day posting on his blog and told us all the good, the bad and the ugly.  He shared some of his best boondocking spots, this favorite meals, movies, and more.  He suffered the tragic loss of his son David.  Everyday I looked forward to reading his adventures.  Quirky and off on his on adventure he was the man. In my eyes, he was a good man.  As I have said before, we only communicated via email and some of you were lucky enough to meet him in person.  We miss you George!

Happy Birthday and keep boondocking wherever you are!


  1. He was in Las Jaibas one time early on but I didn't know who he was!

  2. We were lucky enough to have met him at Hacienda Contreras. Such an interesting gentleman. Happy Birthday George, wherever the stars have you boondocking now!

  3. Yes, Ruth and I were talking about him yesterday as well. He and Ruth shared the same birthday.

  4. We found George's blog while researching buying an RV. We followed him for years learning many things along the way. He still comes up in our conversations, we miss his daily updates.