Saturday, November 19, 2022

Rvers Are Coming - This Is Going To Be Great
It's been a long time, but rvers are returning to Mexico after the pandemic. In droves?  That I don't know.  However, we have been getting ready for guests coming this week. 

We belong to Harvest Hosts and an ever had scheduled to come but the day before their arrival they had emailed me and said they had made a calendar mistake and wanted to come that day.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the email till early afternoon.  I had been out running errands.  So this is important.  I purposely gave him my cellphone number and said it was a Mexican number.  He said he tried calling but the call would never go through.  

It's essential to understand how to dial in Mexico.  It can be a lifesaver when you are in trouble, broken down alongside of the road, or worse.   Using a Mexican phone and dialing 800 numbers you need to have extra time on your phone apart from the package you have purchased.  For example, I don't use a monthly plan that is charged to a credit card.  I use Telcel Amigo and I pay 200 pesos per month.  It comes with plenty of extra data should I need it for wifi but I still need to have at least 20 pesos on the phone for 800 calls.  We missed each other and they headed on to Saltillo.  Too bad.  I even emailed him back with the house number and the way to dial depending on whether it was a U.S. or Mexican plan.

Three rvers traveling together will be arriving this week.  We can't wait and we have a great happy hour planned for their arrival and a day of touring the waterfalls and a quick trip to Monterrey.  After that, we will all head to Matehuala for the night.  We won't be taking our RV though.  After Matehuala we will all be heading to San Miguel de Allende. 

On our part, we will be receiving furniture we have ordered on the Buen Fin weekend plan.  Buen Fin as many of you recall is a four-day shopping spree with participating merchants who offer steep discounts on just about everything including cars and new homes.  This time of year, most northern travel to the U.S. border cities to take advantage of Thanksgiving shopping.  The idea was started back in 2011 to promote shopping from national merchants in the northern region and encourage people to buy locally and not from the U.S.  It took off and is such a big thing that it is now a national program.

We purchased bedroom furniture and other items for the second bedroom and also have found some bargains already this week here in Monterrey as many will offer you the Buen Fin price as an incentive to "buy now", and we did.

This will be fun and hopefully a return to normality.  It will be good to see everyone again and reminisce about all the great rving adventures we have had.


  1. The Harvest Host is for the Monterrey house? The itinerary seems familiar from our visit. We still talk about it.

  2. The Harvest Host is for here in Monterrey. You're always welcome to come and stay either here or in SMA. We ordered the furniture for the second bedroom so it will be ready soon!