Thursday, November 24, 2022

Heading South With The Caravan

We were off to an early start.  We were up and getting things together and before we knew it the rvers were lined up on the road.  Anxious to get going we headed out and to the south.  It was a fun day with many stops to do different things, purchase gas or LP, get a coffee or make lunch.

We arrived in Matehuala around 3 p.m. Everyone got situated before a nap followed by a quick happy hour and dinner at the hotel restaurant.  They gave us a private room and excellent service.  We had a blast and everyone had a story to tell.  

We will leave ahead of the group tomorrow to meet for an appointment at noon.  Thanksgiving dinner will be at our friend Barbara's on Saturday.  I will post more in the next day or two as there are lots of pictures to share. 

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