Friday, February 16, 2024

A National March - Heading South - Helping A Friend

Photo of the march last year to protect Mexico's National Electoral Institute to ensure fair elections.

Gearing up for the national elections in June, the country is choosing sides and looking for ways to defeat their opponents.  This week alone the truckers across Mexico had a national strike blocking major highways, and intersections and shutting down border crossings.  They are fed up with the number of truck drivers being murdered, kidnapped and extorted.  The day before the railroad engineers shut down the railways and blocked intersections unhappy with their union.  On Sunday there will be marches in 106 cities throughout Mexico to demand fair and honest elections and to protect Mexican democracy.  We will be downtown bright and early.

Our president is on the attack since the claim came out that he accepted 2 million dollars from the cartels in his 2006 campaign.  He has talked about it every day this week in his three-hour morning talk show.  Well, yesterday afternoon a cartel leader was interviewed by a very famous news outlet and he confirmed that it is true.  The Catholic diocese in the state of Guerrero attempted to have talks and negotiate with the cartels this week but to no avail.  They are determined to take over local and state governmental positions.  Thanks to Abrazos no Balazos.

We're leaving on Monday and heading to Matehuala.  We found a great Airbnb at a super good price to break up our trip.  I want to see if it's something we may want to do from time to time if we are going to stay for longer periods in SMA.  It would be nice to take a break on the six or seven-hour trip down.  I like driving but I'm not the only one in the car.  We did the drive for years to San Antonio every few weeks and I wish we had stopped somewhere on the trip.  

The weather here in Monterrey has not been the best.  It's been cool and clouder bordering on cold in the mornings.  It doesn't stop me from my exercise though.  It actually makes it better than in the hot summers.  It's drizzling and chilly now and the temps will drop tonight and over the weekend.

On a somber note, a Canadian friend who blogs about Mexico had some not-so-good news.  Her daughter's family suffered a severe house fire. A good portion of the house was burned and the rest had heavy smoke and water damage.  Some of their beloved pets didn't make it out but the family is fine and looking to overcome this tragedy.

Here is a short reel or video taken at the time of the fire.  

Kathy's sister has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for expenses while their home is being rebuilt.  There are so many causes and GoFundMe pages but I am passing this one on.  

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  1. Thanks for that Chris. Our younger daughter is in Pittsburgh now for moral support and any help she can give. It looks like it will take 9 to 12 months to rebuild so they have a long road ahead. They are a strong family with good friends which helps.