Saturday, February 10, 2024

House Is Painted - Weekend Trip To San Luis Potosi - Back Home Again

Great views from the rooftop!

Finally got the house painted.  We had bought the paint on the last trip and made the appointment.  It took for days and three guys painting the walls, trim, and the bars on the windows.  The previous colors were like the townhouse to the right.  I didn't like the red and that was the original paint from 12 years ago.

My walks/runs take me on new routes now to break up the exercise.  This corner shop has no name but it has the best quiche in town.  In fact, the quiche they sell comes from a baker who distributes them to many restaurants.  A full pie at one particular upscale place goes for 1100 pesos.  The last one we purchased at this place was 450 pesos.  Talk about price gouging but people buy them.  They also sell individual pies and a great one that is like a semi-hard chocolate with a fantastic pie crust.

Coming down through the Aldea there are some pretty cool and detailed murals.  These are just two examples.  Murals are becoming more common and keeps the graffiti guys at bay.

I've taken quite a few pictures over the years of places in Mexico that I know are several hundred years old and turning them into black and white or sepia.  It helps me imagine what it might have looked like in a photo from the 1800s.  

We left SMA on Friday morning.  Monday was a holiday and truckers were planning a national closure of highways.  Too many have been killed and robbed by cartels and they are fed up.  They are getting no help from "Abrazos no Balazos".  They canceled the strike later Sunday evening and are having a national highway blockage on February 15th.  We headed for San Luis Potosi and spent the weekend with friends Paula and Jerry.  They have a nice Airbnb with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  We had a blast catching up and also having some good laughs.  

We took off for home on Tuesday morning with no issues and missed the holiday rush.  Back home all is well and the weather has been great.  I've been consistent with my exercise routine and even take my weights to San Miguel.  

I had what I thought was a recent issue with a bridge.  Juan's brother is a dentist and he took a look and said the gums on the bottom have receded over the last 22 years since it was installed.  The gold cap underneath is well seated in the gums and presents no problems for now and there is no movement in the bridge.  His advice is to let sleeping dogs lie (mas vale dejarlo estar).  I was happy when he said I have excellent oral hygiene.  I had dental issues since I was a small child to the point where all my teeth were capped to keep them from breaking.  

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  1. Awesome sepia photo. It really does allow one to imagine life many years ago. House looks lovely!