Thursday, June 20, 2024

Hurricane Or Tropical Storm

From yesterday afternoon.  I can't imagine what it's like now.

This storm takes us back to 2004 when we had heavy flooding with Hurricane Emily in 2005.  It started yesterday with heavy winds and light rain off and on.  We woke up at 3 a.m. and it was howling with rain so heavy we couldn't see much outside.

We sandbagged the front gate.  Our stinky neighbor in front has a very long drive and ramp.  The water runs out into the street and down under our gate when it floods.  This rarely happens but it does with a storm like this.  As we were putting down the sandbags yesterday, a worker from the quinta around the corner stopped and said they have the same problem.  The water passes our house, goes down to the end and floods all the properties.  That particular neighbor has a fairly new home that when it was built the construction was half a million.  We don't get water in the house but the worker said they have to sandbag the house, all the doors, and floor-to-ceiling windows.  

Some people have no common sense.  The neighbor in front relishes these events.  He sat outside his gates in his car and watched up sandbagging.  Dirtbag!  He's the same douche that dropped seven truckloads of cement blocks on the road hoping to make the road better.  Everyone complained so much we went to the city and he was fined.

The backyard has flooded.  The pool and the palapa are under 10 cm of water.  The back patio is 25 cm above the ground so it may rise but not affect anything.  

Monterrey is flooded and all businesses and schools are closed by the governor's order.  Looking at the Santa Catarina River that runs through the middle of Monterrey brought back sad memories.  Hurricane Gilberto hit with a vengeance in 1989.  We didn't have the safety and emergency measures then that we have today.  City buses were buried in the river with passengers inside and many people lost their lives.  We were living in San Antonio at the time while Juan was studying.  We watched in horror on television.  

We're happy with these minor issues with the water, pool, and a minor leak in the hallway ceiling.  It appears that the wind blowing pushes water up a loose roof tile or two and the water is getting in that way.  We have power, internet, water, and food.  Be happy I guess.


  1. Chris, in addition to tropical depression you have now, weather station here in Charleston says you have a seven-day development area organizing toward you in the Gulf, so depending on the patterns out there for seven days you and Juan may not be out of storms yet. Keep those sandbags coming. All I can say as a positive comment is that you are getting plenty of needed water. Dee Tillotson

    1. We're keeping an eye on that one! Fingers crossed. The lake is now over capacity.

  2. Gosh Chris, what crazy weather. Glad you are both safe. Stay home!! The yard will drain but we can't afford anything to happen to either of you. Hugs. N/D

    1. ExThanks you guys. We're lucky the house doesn't flood, we have plenty to keep us occupied. Hugs to you.